About Us

Drive Arabia has strived to become the leading automotive portal for the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the GCC. Our audience consists of people from all over the region, researching to buy a new or used car, or just enthusiasts looking up what’s new in the world of automobiles. With sections covering every new vehicle in the local market, information listed on used cars, coverage of various international auto shows and previews of upcoming future model releases, Drive Arabia has become the one-stop website for everything automotive in the Middle East.

The Beginning

Founded in late 2004, we have many regional ‘firsts’ under our belt. We are the first website in the region to launch a professional automotive news blog. We are also the first in the region to offer an online car buyer’s guide with complete performance specs, pricing, reliability, resale and safety information for new and used cars sold in the GCC. We are also known quite possibly the most unbiased and accurate local car reviews in the business, which has gained us many friends as well as enemies in the industry — a sign that we’re doing our job right.

DriveArabia.com remains unique in that it is headed by an engineering graduate and car enthusiast brought up in Dubai, who personally oversees all major aspects of the website with the help of a number of in-house staff, partners and contributors.


By the end of 2007, DriveArabia.com became the most popular automotive consumer portal in the GCC, as per public rankings data. Drive Arabia also achieved “authority website” status in Google, becoming the first English automotive website in the region to do so. It is currently the oldest-running automotive portal of its kind in the region.

DriveArabia.com has provided automotive content for 7Days UAE and Campus Journal newspapers as well as MSN Arabia and Arabia.com, thereby strengthening our credibility in the mainstream media. The editors have also been judges in the Middle East Motor Awards since its inception in 2010 as well as the Middle East Car Of The Year awards.

Ethics Policy

Always fiercely independent from corporate pandering, DriveArabia.com started off as a non-profit enterprise with a shoestring budget, and has now become the largest automotive consumer portal in the GCC, as per third-party audits by Effective Measure.

We adhere to a strict ethics policy when it comes to advertising, so all sponsored content will be clearly labelled. You will never see us shamelessly passing off paid stories or sponsored videos as real reviews.

Currently, Bayt.com is our advertising-media representation partner for advertising-related activities since 2010.


If you would like to partner with an entity that has become a leader in its field, you would like to comment on our work or you just want to say hello, drop us a message here and we will get back to you.

Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury
Editor-in-Chief / Founder