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Infiniti changing naming structure, calling all Q models

In what has to be the most convoluted move in attempting to create a brand identity, Infiniti has decided to rename all their models to have their names start with the letter Q, dropping the G, M, FX, EX, QX and even the new JX, names that they’ve worked all these years to build up. So much for brand equity.

The change in names will happen for the 2014 model-year, starting with the new G sedan, that will now become the Infiniti Q50 when it debuts early next year. The G coupe and convertible will become the Infiniti Q60. The M will become the Q70.

On the SUV front, the EX will become the Infiniti QX50. The JX will become the Infiniti QX60. The FX will become the Infiniti QX70. And the QX 56 will become the Infiniti QX80.

Infiniti’s research apparently showed that the Q45, the brand’s original sedan, has the most name recognition. And here we were, thinking Mercedes-Benz had it wrong for dropping the CL-Class, and BMW for creating the 4-Series.

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