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American University of Sharjah builds the Eco-Stallion

AUS-Eco-Stallion-1-450x337 American University of Sharjah builds the Eco-Stallion
American University of Sharjah unveiled the Eco-Stallion, an environmentally-friendly vehicle manufactured by a group of students from the engineering department. It will be the university’s maiden entry at this year’s Shell Eco-marathon Asia, an annual event where student teams from around the world compete to show off their ultra-energy efficient vehicles.

Eco-Stallion will be representing AUS in the diesel category at the competition, which will be held at Kuala Lumpur this year from July 4th to 7th, with 150 teams competing from 16 different countries.

The AUS team includes senior mechanical engineering students Mughees Khan, Badar Ud-Duja, Fouad Khan, Ridwan Murshed, Omar Jadallah and Ahmed Farhat. They were coached and guided by AUS professors Dr. Shivakumar Ranganathan and Dr. Basil Mohammad Darras, both assistant professors of mechanical engineering, with support and ongoing technical assistance from Shell.

The Eco-Stallion will be powered by a 243 cc diesel engine that produces 4.8 hp, mated to a transmission which delivers power to the single back wheel. The body is chiefly made from 35 sheets of recycled paper, while the chassis is constructed from lightweight aluminium, altogether weighing just 85 kg. Safety is also a necessary component, the Eco-Stallion including a seatbelt, fire extinguisher and a firewall between the driver and the engine.

The AUS team are hoping the Eco-Stallion can surpass last year’s record of 363.4 km per litre on a diesel engine.

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