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Woman in Ras Al Khaimah fined Dhs 1 million for traffic violations

We’ve all heard of “multiple violations”, but that term wouldn’t do justice to the female driver in UAE, who has racked up more than Dhs 1 million in traffic violations alone.

According to Gulf News, the 31-year-old driver who is identified as R.N.A. has amassed a total of 1,380 traffic violations as registered by authorities across the country.

Her explanation to the incident was that she gets “overtaken by an unknown medical condition once she climbs behind the steering wheel and then feels compelled to speed.”

Head of the Ras Al Khaimah Public Prosecution office, Zayed Mohammad was quoted saying that the driver believed that she would enter the ‘Guinness World Records’ for the highest rate of traffic violations. He also pointed out that the driver had not renewed her vehicle ownership licence in four years and that she committed traffic violations in each and every emirate across the country.

Sources also state that the driver is apparently set to submit a request to the traffic court in Ras Al Khaimah to set up a committee to look into her psychological condition to consider reducing the traffic fines. The woman has hired an attorney to represent her in court.

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