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Nissan Navara-based Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup concept revealed


German luxury auto-maker Mercedes-Benz showcased the X-Class Concept — a new pickup truck — on October 25 in Stockholm, disclosing few details.

The new truck’s swept back headlights and large mesh grille do well to hide its underpinnings, which are borrowed from the lowly Nissan Navara work truck. Below that is a surprisingly gaping AMG-style air-intakes. It will also ride on 12-spoke alloys wheels and have a diffuser at the rear. It is unlikely the fancy tail will make it to production. Two versions were revealed, one for poseurs and the other one with a utilitarian-offroader theme.


‘The Concept’ has a double-cab design, with the window beltline rising at the rear door, similar to that in the Nissan NP300 Navara. Mercedes openly announced that it would collaborate with Nissan-Renault, and Nissan themselves are no stranger to rebadging their vehicles as it has been done previously with Renault — the Alaskan pick-up is one such example.

The pick-up truck will be built in Spain, most likely alongside the Navara and the Alaskan. Key markets for the pickup truck include Latin America, Australia, South Africa, and Europe, which means it may not come to the GCC officially.

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