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BMW 6-Series refreshed for 2018

2018-bmw-6-series-1-600x450 BMW 6-Series refreshed for 2018

The BMW 6-Series is offered in Coupe, Cabriolet and 4-door GranCoupe body styles all of which have been accepted well in the market. As the last revision for the 6-Series range was done in 2012, it was due for an update. BMW has now officially released the 2018 6-Series, although it’s hard to see the changes.

The new 6-series gets an update in the form of an extended M-Sport package. Some bits and bobs of the package which was reserved for the full-fledged M model are now offered on the normal range of 6-Series cars as well. The double-spoke 20-inch M bi-colour wheels shod with run-flat tyres are a new option. The new 6-Series will also come with an option to choose the carbon-fibre interior trim which was reserved earlier for the M model only. A new shade of paint called the “sonic speed blue metallic” is available. If these don’t excite you, BMW will give you a chance to customise each 6-Series by offering a huge list of options via the BMW Individual catalog.

2018-bmw-6-series-1-600x450 BMW 6-Series refreshed for 2018  2018-bmw-6-series-3-600x450 BMW 6-Series refreshed for 2018

The mechanicals will remain the same on all three body styles, though. So the tried and tested pair of engines, the 3.0-litre 315 hp V6 and the 4.4-litre 445 hp V8, will be retained in the 640i and 650i respectively. Power will be sent to the rear wheels as standard while optional xDrive all-wheel-drive is available.

The 6-Series family is expected to grow by one in 2018 as rumours suggest that the next generation of the 5-Series GranTurismo will be promoted to the 6-Series lineup. But confirmation on that will only be available after BMW has revealed its intentions officially. The 2018 6-Series is expected to hit showrooms by late 2017.

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