So we got a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS

We’ve been reading good things about the latest Chevrolet Camaro. The problem was, we never drove one. So we asked for one from our usual sources for press or demo cars. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Ford Escape Ecoboost

The Ford Escape doesn’t register on any shopping lists of crossover buyers around here. And truth be told, the mildly facelifted model that you see here probably won’t change that at first glance. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Land Rover Discovery

The new Land Rover Discovery is not a good-looking vehicle. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, remember that the current Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol and even Range Rover were received with equal hate from the general public, only for them to become “dream” cars for those same people in less than a year, and they both currently dominate the sales charts. Read More >>

So we bought a 2015 Chrysler 300 SRT

Yep, we’ve bought yet another car, adding to our ever-expanding self-owned long-term fleet. We hyped it long enough on our Facebook page where we asked our fans to guess the car, and it was great fun watching the comments pour in. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Honda CR-V

We drove this new Honda CR-V just before heading out to Japan to drive, among other things, a Civic Type-R. While the two cars are miles apart, it is easy to forget that Honda has always been a clever engineering company, given that we don’t see the company’s most popular creations at showrooms here. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

Ford is off-the-wall crazy at the moment, and credit goes to their just-replaced CEO for allowing it. We’re talking about their enthusiast line-up. For a mainstream carmaker, they’ve come with exciting cars as exotic as the Ford GT all the way to as humble as the Ford Fiesta ST (neither of which are on sale in the GCC at the moment). Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Isuzu D-Max Arctic Trucks AT35

Arctic Trucks, the offroad-tuning company best known for building street-legal monster-truckish 4x4s in Iceland and made popular by Top Gear, has had a base in the UAE for the better part of a decade now, and most visible as Toyota’s locally-modified Xtreme range of 4x4s. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Lincoln MKZ 3.0T

Lincoln is redoing their corporate face yet again, starting with the new Continental flagship sedan. The second model to get the brand’s new grille treatment is the MKZ midsizer. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 McLaren 570GT

Until the beginning of last year, McLaren’s bread-and-butter was the 650S, but it proved too impractical for many in the market for these cars. Then there was the 570S, which was meant to be softer-driving and more practical. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe

There is nothing more controversial than vehicles like the BMW X6. Dreamt up by Bavarian marketeers as a “four-door sport-activity coupe”, it has spawned a few imitators, including the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. Read More >>

So we bought a 2009 Mercedes-Benz S550 Lorinser

Let us get this straight — we didn’t intend to buy a Mercedes-Benz of any sort. Aside from a couple of AMG models, Mercedes-Benz is mostly the default choice of brand-biased individuals who grew up listening to their parents wax lyrical about how they aspire to own a car with a three-pointed star on the bonnet. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Volkswagen Beetle R-Line

The second generation of the “new” Volkswagen Beetle is a much more interesting car than the one before it, but it’s struggling to make headway in our GTI-loving market. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Nissan Patrol Nismo

It’s been about a year since the Nismo version of the Patrol took the UAE by storm. A sporty version of a legendary body-on-frame offroader? Read More >>

So we got a 2017 GMC Acadia Denali

The previous GMC Acadia was an odd one. Essentially a minivan in functionality, but disguised as an SUV, the Acadia was actually more practical and spacious inside than the Yukon. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 MG GS 4WD

MG GS Morris Garages, the well-known (in Europe at least) British brand that’s best known for making little sports cars back in the day and hopped-up Rover-based sedans most recently before they shut shop. Read More >>