Cooper Tire adds new management staff for GCC expansion plans

Century-old American tyre-maker Cooper Tire is currently keen to take a bigger share of the Middle East pie when it comes to tyres, especially in the last two years. Read More >>

Long-term update: Honda S2000 tyres from — we see the difference cheaper tyres make

It’s hard to believe we’ve had the Honda S2000 for five years now. It’s harder to believe how little we’ve driven it due to lack of time. Read More >>

“Connected Car” tech to become standard in European cars

Starting March 2018, the “eCall” automatic emergency call system will be mandatory in Europe. This means that every new car will be a “connected car” by default. Read More >>

UDrive and Ekar pay-per-minute rental car services launched in UAE

Two new rental car services have been launched in the UAE that offer a by-the-minute payment option if you don’t need a rental car for the whole day. Read More >>

Apple gives up on building their own car

tobb-10-ezer-alkalmazast-torol-le-az-apple_124414 Project Titan was an ambitious car project that was proposed by the American tech-giant firm Apple a few years ago. The Titan was rumoured to debut by 2020 as the “ultimate mobile device”. Read More >>

Product review: We test if CarReport, UAE’s version of CarFax, is worth the money (updated)

carreport The UAE’s most popular classifieds website recently announced a partnership with a service called CarReport which will apparently tell users whether any car in the UAE has had an accident or not, using just the VIN number. Read More >>

Dunlop SP Sport MAXX 050+ released in Middle East

MAXX050_- Dunlop hosted a set of events in Dubai to launch its brand new tyre; the SP SPORT MAXX 050+. Held at the Dubai Autodrome, the event allowed attendees to discover the features of the tyre through a series of test drives involving dry handling, wet braking and more. Read More >>

We test BFGoodrich’s new offroad tyre in South Africa

BFGoodrich 2015 offroad tyres 7 Let’s be honest, tyres aren’t sexy. They might be arguably the most vital component in your vehicle -– seeing as they provide the sole contact point between it and terra firma -– yet they’re probably not something you devote a whole lot of thought to. Read More >>

Continental SportContact 6 tyres arrives in Middle East

Image 1 - Continental SportContact 6 under extensive testing at Continental HQ in Hannover Continental have just launched the new SportContact 6 sports tyres across the Middle East, which has been designed for high-end cars. It replaces the ContiSportContact 5P tyres. Read More >>

Long-term update: ZDegree home-delivers new tyres for our Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK ZDegree DriveArabia It was time to get some new tyres for our Jaguar XK, since the old ones had “expired” as per the RTA. Considering it’s always a hassle to go get tyres changed, we decided to try shopping for tyres online, on the only local tyre site we’d heard of in Dubai. Read More >>

Product review: Green Steam car wash in the UAE

Alfa Romeo 156 with Green Steam Car Wash Dubai UAE When we got the Alfa Romeo 156, it was covered in a thin layer of dust on the inside that seemed to be semi-permanent, stuck in the nooks and crannies of the textured dashboard, door panels and centre console. Read More >>

Cooper Tire plans to increase its reach in Middle East

Foj Cooper- Dec 2014 American tyre company Cooper Tire is looking to increase its presence in the Middle East. Their first move in their commitment to the region was to become the official tyre sponsor of the upcoming 2015 Dubai Motor Show this November, ahead of more product launches over the coming months. Read More >>

Top 5 futuristic automotive tech you can buy right now

Michelin Main Pic When we were kids, we used to think that future cars would be able to fly by now. Surprisingly, there are a few concepts already running around that do exactly that, but there are certainly more down-to-earth technologies that we only used to see in science-fiction movies, and now they’re already here, available for you to buy right now. Read More >>

Michelin celebrates 125 years as we thrash Toyota Camrys in tyre-safety demo

2015 Toyota Camry with Michelin at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Michelin is celebrating their 125th anniversary this year, and as part of that, they held a media event at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit. Aside from a massive amount of information about company history, tyre safety and manufacture, as well as a chaperoned stint with some supercars around the race-track, the highlight of the day was the thrashing of Toyota Camry sedans in a tyre-safety demo. Read More >>

Product review: SlamStop soft-closing door mechanism

Slam Stop installation in Dubai UAE About a decade ago, when we first saw the soft-closing door mechanisms on luxury cars, it blew our minds. Doors just closing on their own meant no more question on whether the door was fully closed or not, something that could happen when passengers are climbing in without paying attention as you wait by the road to pick them up. Read More >>