Long-term update: Running costs of Omar’s BMW M135i in Qatar

BMW M135i It’s been a good while with the 2013 BMW M135i so let’s talk about running costs. Servicing is cheap as it comes with a 5-year service pack so the only thing I should have to cover are tyres (which I’m sure will be fearsomely expensive if I stick with the OEM Pilot Super Sports) and batteries. Read More >>

Custom 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Xtreme 60th anniversary offered in UAE

Toyota Land Cruiser Xtreme 2015 Al-Futtaim Motors, exclusive distributor of Toyota in the UAE, has announced the launch of the all-new 5.7-litre V8 Land Cruiser Xtreme, limited to just 60 production units and badged as a “60th Anniversary” edition. Read More >>

Letters: Picking up where I left off

I haven’t posted letters on this blog for 5 months now. But I have been personally answering most of the email letters that has continued to pour in. Read More >>

Letters: Pollution, tint, SUVs & more

So we went on a whirlwind tour of various ad agencies last month in a bid to get sponsorship for this “little” website, which happens to be the biggest English car portal in the region. Read More >>

Letters: More social networking

The reason there has been a lack of updates for the past week is that I was working on a ghetto version of a social networking site, so that you guys can show off your cars and talk to each other on a forum, instead of having to slug it out in the comments section of this blog. Read More >>

Letters: Shows, photo shoots and more

Before the Sharjah Auto Show, and just after the Ford Ride & Drive, we had received a Jaguar XKR Portfolio for a few days. Read More >>

Letters: Long-term ownership reports

I’ve been thinking of adding long-term car ownership reports ever since I started this website. However, back in 2004, I only owned one (old!) car, and the car companies totally rejected the idea, especially since I was a nobody then (and I still am a nobody, but slightly less so). Read More >>

Letters: Give up ethics for a few days of fun

Volkswagen just sent me a press release (since I guess I am still on their mailing list) about the spectacular international launch of the new VW Golf in Iceland, and how more than a thousand journalists attended from around the world. Read More >>

Letters: We get international attention

Anyone who follows this website knows that I am usually the first in the region at breaking news about cars. Most people can also see past the lack of flash on this website and realise the decent content underneath the humble skin. Read More >>

Letters: Dishing out the advice

I occasionally find “complimentary” local car magazines lying around in coffee shops, since most of these rags are given away free rather than sold or recycled. Read More >>

Letters: We all have our problems

This website’s financial situation is just ridiculous. Running solely out of my pocket, I am now proud to point out that we now have the largest English automotive website in the GCC (according to semi-accurate alexa.com), and yet, we hardly get call-backs from advertisers that we got in touch with. Read More >>

Letters: Some good, some bad

Over the past month, I think I’ve received more than 100 emails asking for help on which car to buy, among letters of praise and criticism. Read More >>

Letters: Opinions on what to buy

This flame-surfaced Caprice from Abu Dhabi is for sale, and it has to be the most interesting vehicle listed in our upgraded classifieds. I don’t know anything more about that particular car, but keep those letters coming in if you have questions about what to buy. Read More >>

Letters: Answers to your shopping needs

Here is the latest batch of letters to the editor, for the month of June. Glad to clear up any confusion about resale values of Toyota, Infiniti, Nissan…and VW. Read More >>

Letters: What to buy, what not to buy

bmw-csv-small.jpg The latest batch of e-letters over the last two weeks are largely asking for advice on which car is best. Of course it depends on what you need rather than what the marketing people say you need. Read More >>