Comparo: 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT vs Ford Mustang GT vs Chevrolet Camaro SS

The last time we did a muscle-car comparo back in 2011, the Mustang still had the suspension of a bullock cart, the Camaro was a heavy tank with slit windows, and the Challenger was the size of the Titanic. Read More >>

Dubai Ambulance launches pink emergency vehicle for women

Dubai Ambulance has announced the launch of a pink emergency vehicle that will specialise in transporting women and children. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Ford Escape Ecoboost

The Ford Escape doesn’t register on any shopping lists of crossover buyers around here. And truth be told, the mildly facelifted model that you see here probably won’t change that at first glance. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

Ford is off-the-wall crazy at the moment, and credit goes to their just-replaced CEO for allowing it. We’re talking about their enthusiast line-up. For a mainstream carmaker, they’ve come with exciting cars as exotic as the Ford GT all the way to as humble as the Ford Fiesta ST (neither of which are on sale in the GCC at the moment). Read More >>

Manufacturer recalls for April 2017

In the month of April, several manufacturers have announced recalls that include passenger cars, electric cars, trucks and even a full-size V12 sedan. Read More >>

Ford Fusion Responder Hybrid police car revealed

As an alternative to the V6-powered Ford Taurus Interceptors in the United States, Ford has revealed a pursuit-rated version of their Fusion hybrid sedan. Read More >>

2018 Lincoln Navigator revealed in New York

The all-new 2018 Lincoln Navigator has been revealed at the 2017 New york Auto Show, looking very similar to the gullwinged Navigator Concept displayed at last year’s NY show. Read More >>

First drive: 2017 Ford Mustang GT California Special in the UAE

The current Ford Mustang GT is quite possibly the best all-rounder sports coupe to come out of America ever. And while it’s still pretty fresh, having hit the GCC only in 2015, there is a facelift on the way for 2018. Read More >>

Manufacturer recalls for March 2017

Recalls related to Takata airbags have started to pop up again, like a gift that keeps on giving. Mercedes-Benz is also in the spotlight as a million of their latest models turn out to be a fire risk. Read More >>

2017 Lincoln Continental now in UAE and GCC

The Lincoln Continental is back as a 2017 model, and it’s now on sale in the GCC, taking its place as the Ford-owned brand’s flagship model. Read More >>

Ford Fiesta ST upgraded for 2018

The Ford Fiesta ST has been creating waves in America and Europe, but it never came to the GCC. For 2018, an all-new model now offering 197 hp made a 2017 Geneva Motor Show debut. Read More >>

So we got a 2017 Ford Edge Sport

The Ford Edge Sport has been around since late last year, as the top dog in the redesigned Edge line-up. While we did drive the regular Edge Titanium in Jordan in 2016, the Sport is an entirely different beast. Read More >>

Manufacturer recalls for January 2017

The Takata airbag problem plagued most manufacturers and forced them to recall millions of vehicles during 2016. With the airbag-related problem still creating waves, 2017 started off with some more vehicles making a walk back to the dealer. Read More >>

New Ford GT makes 647 hp and 745 Nm

The Ford GT was first released in 2002 and it remained in production till 2006. The GT was known to be a reincarnation of the legendary GT40 Lemans racing car from the 1960’s. Read More >>

List of manufacturer recalls for December 2016

Let us look back at the last month of 2016 to know what went wrong with the automobile industry in December. A few automobile manufacturers announced recalls on several models to rectify problems. Read More >>