First drive: 2016 Geely Emgrand GC9 “Flagship Sedan” in the UAE

2016 Geely Emgrand GC9 in the UAE 2 What do iPhones, Nike Air Jordans and Honda Accords have in common? All three popular products are made in China. However, actual homegrown Chinese brands have built a reputation for their lack of build quality, let alone safety, especially when it comes to cars. Read More >>

Geely Emgrand EC825 in camo spotted in Dubai

Geely is on a roll in the GCC region, it seems. Two test cars in light camo which were spotted by two commuters in Dubai on two different streets that lay fairly close by, turned out to be two different models from the same manufacturer, Geely. Read More >>

Geely Emgrand EC718 caught testing in Dubai

So I was driving along Garhoud Bridge in Dubai a few days ago, and a seemingly mid-size sedan bearing light camouflage caught my attention. Like any other car enthusiast I was eager to find out what it was and soon got involved in a brief chase with the unknown driver of the unknown car. Read More >>

Volvo S80 recall amid firm’s sale to Geely

The news of the day is that Ford has finally completed the sale of its Swedish Volvo division to China’s Geely for US$ 1.8 billion. Read More >>

لي شوفو يصبح رئيساً لمجلس إدارة ڤولڤو للسيارات

أعلنت مجموعة تشجيانغ جيلي القابضة المحدودة، أحد أسرع شركات صناعة السيارات نمواً في الصين، عن تعيينات في المناصب العليا لمجلس إدارة شركة ڤولڤو للسيارات، في انتظار استكمال عملية الاستحواذ على الشركة من شركة فورد موتور. Read More >>

Geely rep becomes Volvo board member

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd., one of the fastest-growing car manufacturers in China, has announced the top positions in the new board of directors at Volvo Car Corporation, pending completion of the acquisition of the company from Ford Motor Company. Read More >>

Geely buys Volvo from Ford

Ford Motor Company has announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell Swedish subsidiary Volvo Car Corporation and related assets to the Chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company Limited, maker of Geely automobiles. Read More >>