2017 Kia Picanto hatchback debuts in photos

Kia has released official photos of the third-generation 2017 Picanto hatchback. The last time Kia Picanto was updated, it transformed into a handsome hatchback from a goofy looking machine. Read More >>

Kia Picanto 2012 officially launched in the UAE

Al Majid Motors, the Kia dealer in the UAE, officially launched the all-new 2012 Kia Picanto at their showroom in Dubai, although the car has been quietly on sale for a month now. Read More >>

Kia Picanto 2012 first photos released

Kia Motors has released the first official photos of the next-generation 2012 Picanto “city car” featuring the firm’s latest corporate styling. Read More >>

Kia Picanto most reliable, Land Rover LR3 least, in UK

The Korean-built Kia Picanto was voted the most reliable new car in the United Kingdom in a survey by UK consumer watchdog magazine Which? Car. Read More >>