Long-term update: Our Honda S2000 gets Batt-Mobile battery replacement on the spot

batt-mobile Our Honda S2000’s battery wasn’t holding charge as well as it should, so when it finally died after just over a year, we called in our buddies at Batt-Mobile to replace the battery right down in our parking lot. Read More >>

Long-term update: Our Honda S2000 goes in for major service

honda-s2000-dubai-uae Our 2007 Honda S2000 went in for “40k” major service last week. Our car has less than 25,000 km on the clock, but a year had passed since the last service. Read More >>

Long-term update: Our Honda S2000 has the shortest short-shifter ever

Honda S2000 in the UAE 1 It’s been possibly a year since I’ve personally driven my own Honda S2000. My brother, sub-editor Marouf, gets to enjoy it more as a runabout on occassion, keeping the mechanicals greased. Read More >>

Long-term update: Honda S2000 – It’s the little things that…fall off

2008 Honda S2000 in the UAE
As we’ve said before, the Honda S2000 is supremely reliable when it comes to mechanicals. But keep it in top cosmetic condition is a never-ending battle due to all sorts of random cost-cutting measures by Honda. Read More >>

Long-term update: Honda S2000 is not for everyone

Honda S2000 in the UAE
The Honda S2000 is one of the greatest cars ever built, and it’s funny that we say this, because we never took it seriously when it was actually still in showrooms. Read More >>

Long-term update: Honda S2000 gets bonnet “PDR” & car-foiling “wrap”

Honda S2000 in Dubai UAE 6
As we’ve been harping about for a year now, the Honda S2000 is tough to maintain cosmetically. Even after we got it detailed a couple of months ago, it was going to be a major task keeping the car looking clean. Read More >>

Long-term update: Our Honda S2000 gets paintless dent removal and paint protection

2007 Honda S2000 in Dubai
We have to say we’re pretty disappointed at Honda’s cosmetic durability. Maybe they do it better for Accords and Civics for all we know, but the S2000 has obvious signs of cost-cutting, not least of which is the thin body panels and the even-thinner paint. Read More >>

Long-term update: Honda S2000 gets A&F home-delivered battery

Honda S2000
There’s nothing much to report on the Honda. It is a Honda after all. The only niggling thing was that, a few months ago, it was taking a few seconds too many to start, which was the sign of a weak battery. Read More >>

Long-term update: Honda S2000 goes in for service

The coolest thing about owning a Honda sports car is that it’s a Honda. So it’s relatively cheap to maintain compared to, say, a Porsche Boxster or a BMW Z4, aside from being more reliable. Read More >>

Comparo: 2012 Toyota 86 vs 2007 Honda S2000

This one was a long time coming. Sure, everybody else is busy comparing the Toyota 86 to everything from the VW Scirocco to the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Read More >>

Product review: Bridgestone Potenza S001 tyres for Honda S2000

Let’s get it straight right off the bat that we aren’t equipped to do conclusive tests on tyres. Everybody has their own opinions on which brand is better or worse, but most of them are just hearsay and conjecture. Read More >>

Long-term update: 2007 Honda S2000 plays hard and drinks harder

Our 2007 Honda S2000 does not have a trip computer. So we have to calculate fuel efficiency the old-fashioned way. That involves filling up the fuel tank completely, reseting the trip meter to zero, driving until it needs refuelling, going “full tank” again and noting down how many litres of petrol went in as well as the trip-meter reading. Read More >>

Long-term update: 2007 Honda S2000

It’s been more than two months now since we bought our 2007 Honda S2000. I’d like to reiterate that I hate soft-top sports cars, but Honda chose to make one of their best cars ever as a convertible, and we have to live with it. Read More >>

So we bought a 2007 Honda S2000

It’s no secret that we’ve done extremely well over the past year, financially. As the most popular-yet-hated automotive portal in the region, we’re finally getting our dues in terms of advertising money from carmakers we haven’t pissed off. Read More >>