Long-term update: Our Toyota FJ Cruiser gets puked on

Our manual Toyota FJ Cruiser has been chugging along trouble-free. There’s absolutely nothing to report except the cost of the latest service as well as someone puking in it. Read More >>

Long-term update: Our Nissan Patrol visits the dealer accessories shop

2014-nissan-patrol-in-the-uae-12 Our Nissan Patrol LE went in for its first “free” service recently, after the 1000 km break-in period. While we were booking the dealer appointment in Dubai, the lady on the phone started upselling certain accessories to us. Read More >>

Car servicing outside dealer will not void warranty in UAE soon

dealer-service Here’s some good news for car owners in the UAE. The Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Economy has recommended that the warranty of vehicles shouldn’t be affected irrespective of where the vehicle is serviced. Read More >>

Long-term update: Jaguar XK service and parts costs

mash-jaguar-xk Our Jaguar XK went in for its annual service the other day. We generally take our car in only once a year because we do maybe 4,000 km per year with this car, and modern synthetic oils can last that long without any ill effects, despite what your dealer or your great-granddad told you. Read More >>

Long-term update: Toyota FJ Cruiser cheap to maintain? We go for dealer service

toyota-fj-cruiser-side-uae One of the reasons people buy Toyotas in the UAE, aside from resale value, is that they’re supposedly cheap to maintain. We finally got to put that theory to the test when we went in for dealer service at 10,000 km. Read More >>

5-year warranty mandatory soon in UAE, maybe

In what will become a blessing for consumers, a new rule is going to come into effect in October that all cars in the UAE will have a mandatory 5-year warranty. Read More >>

Al Futtaim FastFit offers fastest wheel alignment in UAE

FastFit, the name of Al Futtaim Motors’ new Express Tyre & Battery fitting centre, is apparently the UAE’s first company to install the fastest wheel aligner in the world, the 4D Master Aligner. Read More >>