Toyota 86 to hit GCC within a month

It’s not really a closely-guarded secret when the all-new 2012 Toyota FT-86 will hit the shores of the GCC. We’ve been hearing “summer” since late last year. Read More >>

Video of the week: V8-powered Toyota FT-86 drift machine

For all those who wondered what would happen if Toyota offered V8 power in the FT-86, this video is your answer. Underneath the bonnet of this one-off aftermarket drift-machine is a 5.0-litre V8 from its expensive cousin, Lexus IS-F. Read More >>

Toyota 86-clone Subaru BRZ performance tested

So far, all sorts of magical performance figures were being thrown around for the upcoming Toyota 86 and its clone, the Subaru BRZ. Most other publications had only driven the car briefly. Read More >>

Toyota FT-86 finally debuts as GT 86

The much-hyped Toyota FT-86 has finally been revealed, except that the marketeers have decided to rename the production version as the Toyota GT 86, after spending millions marketing the FT-86 name. Read More >>

Subaru BRZ Concept STI offers first look at FT-86 clone

The Toyota FT-86 gets all the attention, but the reality is that this new rear-wheel-drive sports car is a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru, in the interests of cutting costs. Read More >>

Toyota FT-86 production version Japanese brochure leaked

A couple of pages from the the Japanese brochure of the production-version Toyota FT-86 has been leaked onto the net. Considering the absolutely random nature of the pages, we think this “leak” might even have been deliberate. Read More >>

Toyota reveals Scion FR-S Sports Coupe Concept

Scion — Toyota’s pointless “youth brand” exclusively present in the U.S. market — has lifted covers off their latest FR-S Sports Coupe Concept at the 2011 New York Auto Show. Read More >>

Toyota FT-86 II concept closer to production

Toyota has already confirmed that the FT-86 sports car, the spiritual successor to the 1980s “AE86” Corolla, is set for production. This is the third concept to show off the car, a bit different than before and closer to the actual version that will hit showrooms in late 2012 as a 2013 model. Read More >>

Toyota shows off the FT-86

Finally some news from Toyota which isn’t bad. The Corolla AE-86 from the 1980s, became popular in the modified scene, with its real-wheel drive format and perfect balance. Read More >>

Toyota FT-86 G Sports concept debuts in Japan

A new version of the Toyota FT-86 concept has been revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon, a motor show of sorts. Dubbed the FT-86 G Sports Concept, it is also featured in the new trailer for the upcoming PS3 video game Gran Turismo 5. Read More >>

Toyota FT-86 concept harks back to affordable AE86

Toyota FT-86 Concept
The iconic Toyota Sprinter Trueno, also known as the Corolla GT-S in some markets, was a 2-door hatchback that was first introduced in 1983. It had a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine with maybe 130 hp and, more importantly, a balanced rear-wheel-drive chassis. Read More >>