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Land Cruiser
Land Cruiser Pickup
FJ Cruiser
Land Cruiser Prado
Land Cruiser 70
Yaris Sedan
Land Cruiser Prado SWB
* Top speed electronically limited
2.5SC 2.5-litre supercharged engine
2.5TC 2.5-litre turbocharged engine
2.5D 2.5-litre diesel engine
2.5TD 2.5-litre turbocharged diesel engine
I4 4-cylinder engine in inline configuration
V6 6-cylinder engine in V-shaped configuration
FWD   Front-wheel-drive platform
RWD   Rear-wheel-drive platform
4WD   Four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive platform
5M   5-speed manual
5A   5-speed automatic
5AM 5-speed automanual
CVT Continuously variable auto transmission
l/100km   Litres of fuel consumed every 100 kms

Toyota 86 2017-2018

In what could possibly be the most hotly-anticipated sports car of the decade, the Toyota 86 finally made its showroom debut as a mid-2012 model. The 86 is a collaborative effort with Subaru, and therefore versions are available under both nameplates. Available in various trim levels, the...read more

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Toyota Aurion 2017-2018

The Toyota Aurion got a complete redesign for the 2012 model year alongside its Camry sibling. The Aurion is essentially a redone version of the Camry, but fitted with a V6 engine and better interior appointments. All models get a carryover 3.5-litre V6 engine with a 6-speed automatic. In the UAE,...read more

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Toyota Avalon 2017-2018

The American-built Avalon now shares its front-wheel-drive platform as well as several mechanical bits with the Lexus ES, including the engine. The 3.5-litre V6 is mated with a 6-speed automatic with tiptronic functionality. In the UAE, the base Avalon S model comes with 17-inch alloys, smart key,...read more

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Toyota Avanza 2017-2018

The Toyota Avanza got a facelift for the 2016 model year. The rear-wheel drive Avanza, which is actually a rebadged Daihatsu, is a reasonably priced seven-seater minivan. Only the 1.5-litre engine will be offered in this region. It comes either with a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed...read more

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Toyota Camry 2017-2018

The Toyota Camry received an update for the 2016 model year. A 2.5-litre 4-cylinder with a 6-speed automatic is standard, The base model known as S or GL, depending on market, comes with a manual a/c, 6-speaker CD/MP3 touchscreen stereo with USB port, keyless entry, power windows and mirrors,...read more

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Toyota Corolla 2017-2018

The Toyota Corolla is all-new for 2014, with completely-redone styling and an extended wheelbase for more cabin space. Engine offerings include a 1.6-litre and a new 2.0-litre, both 4-cylinder "VVT-i" units. In 2016, the 4-speed automatic was replaced with a CVT, although a base model with a...read more

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Toyota FJ Cruiser 2017-2018

The FJ Cruiser is a true off-road vehicle that draws on the styling and heritage of the classic Toyota FJ40 that started life back in the 1960s and kept alive all the way into the 1980s. Aside from new LED tail lamps, almost everything externally has been left unchanged for the refresh, including...read more

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Toyota Fortuner 2017-2018

The Fortuner is Toyota's cheapest SUV offering. The 2016 model year is built in Thailand. Although this 4WD is based on a pickup, its styling is very softly finished, with none of its truck-like toughness showing. It has true off-road ability, thanks to four-wheel-drive with low-range gearing. It...read more

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Toyota Hiace 2017-2018

The Toyota Hiace has been the market leader for years in the UAE and continues to be a popular choice in the commercial sector, whether for transporting the work-force or cargo. There is only one engine choice in the Hiace, a 2.7-litre four cylinder petrol engine mated to a standard 5-speed manual,...read more

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Toyota Hilux 2017-2018

The Hilux may be considered the best pickup in its class simply for being from Toyota. The eight-generation Hilux made its debut in the GCC as a 2016 model year. They are available in the single cab and crew cab configurations. Midsize pickups offer better manoeuvrability than the fullsize pickup...read more

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Toyota Innova 2017-2018

Toyota created the IMV platform to serve its budget-oriented lineup, and one of the products of this venture is the Innova. The IMV platform consists of a body-on-chassis setup, offering more refinement in its larger vehicles. The Innova received its third facelift for the 2016 model-year. The...read more

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Toyota Land Cruiser 2017-2018

The Toyota Land Cruiser got a makeover for its 2016 model year. Engine choices are the same with a 4.0-litre "Dual VVT-i" V6 with either a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed auto, a 4.6-litre "Dual VVT-i" V8 with a 6-speed auto, and a 5.7-litre version with an 8-speed automatic. The Land Cruiser can...read more

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Toyota Land Cruiser 70 2017-2018

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 continues to stay alive in certain parts of the GCC simply because people keep buying them. There is a three-door short-wheelbase version and a 5-door version. It is built to Toyota's high standard of quality so you get unsurpassed durability and reliability. Powered by...read more

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Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup 2017-2018

Available only in a few GCC markets, this outdated version of the Land Cruiser got a big facelift for 2008, but the mechanicals underneath remain the same. Staying alive simply because people keep buying them. The popular pickup version became known as the LC79 from 2010, by virtue of a new petrol...read more

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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2017-2018

The Toyota Prado got a minor facelift for 2014, and in 2016 all variants got a new 6-speed automatic transmission. The "VVT-i" engine offerings carry over, with a 2.7-litre 4-cylinder and a 4.0-litre V6. All models offer standard all-wheel-drive with low-range gearing and available locking...read more

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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SWB 2017-2018

The Toyota Prado got a minor facelift for 2014, with a redesigned front-end and other trim changes. The only engine available with the short-wheelbase 3-door variant is a carryover 2.7-litre 4-cylinder. In 2016, it got a 6-speed automatic gearbox. It is only available in some markets, such as the...read more

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Toyota Previa 2017-2018

The Previa is roomy, comfortable and does everything well. It is easy to live with if you learn how to park it, and it comes loaded with features that make life easier and more convenient. Everything operates exactly as expected, so equipment struggles are rare. Its smoothness and convenience...read more

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Toyota Prius 2017-2018

The Toyota Prius was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle when initially launched in 1997. The 2016 Prius retains the 2,700mm wheelbase of the previous Prius, but is 60mm longer overall at 4,540mm, 15mm wider at 1,760mm and 20mm lower. That’s about the size of a Corolla. The Prius...read more

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Toyota RAV-4 2017-2018

The Toyota RAV4 got a complete redesign for 2013, with a new styling language, a new drivetrain, and new features. In 2016, it got a facelift. The existing platform has been updated with new suspension tuning, while the standard engine now is a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder mated to a 6-speed automatic with...read more

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Toyota Sequoia 2017-2018

The American-built Sequoia is Toyota's largest ever passenger vehicle. Its claim to fame is space, with three rows of adult seating and impressive cargo volume. In the GCC, this big SUV will be promoted as a family hauler rather than an offroader, considering the initial availability of a...read more

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Toyota xA 2004-2007 ( discontinued )

The oddly-named xA offers solid construction, tons of headroom and low maintenance costs. The xA doesn't set the world on fire with its styling, but it comes well-equipped with convenience and safety features. It's comfortable in the front seats, though the rear is a bit cramped, and it offers...read more

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Toyota Yaris 2017-2018

The new Toyota Yaris hatchback was released as a 2015 model year. The Thai-built Yaris has two 4-cylinder engines to choose from. The base SE gets a 1.3-litre, whereas higher SE+ model gets a 1.5-litre in the UAE, while only one 1.5-litre Sport S trim is available in KSA. They all get a 4-speed...read more

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Toyota Yaris Sedan 2017-2018

The new Toyota Yaris Sedan was released as a 2014 model year. The Thai-built Yaris receives two 4-cylinder engines to choose from. The base gets a 1.3-litre, where as higher models get a 1.5-litre. They both get a 4-speed automatic transmission, while some select markets get the 5-speed manual...read more

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Toyota Zelas 2017-2018

The 2014 Toyota Zelas got a facelift and some minor improvements. The stylistic enhancements include new headlamp design, an extended hood, a new grille and LED accent lighting. A new black-out valance beneath the rear bumper features a lower-centre trim piece, lower perimeter reflectors and new...read more

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