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Long-term update: Running costs of Omar's BMW M135i in Qatar

Long-term update: Running costs of Omar’s BMW M135i in Qatar

It’s been a good while with the 2013 BMW M135i so let’s talk about running costs. Servicing is cheap as it comes with a 5-year service pack so the only thing I should have to cover are tyres (which I’m sure will be fearsomely expensive if I stick with the OEM Pilot Super Sports) and batteries. The car came as standard with a 3-year service pack, but the cost to extend this to 5 years was a paltry QAR 500 — a real bargain considering that this period will probably include at least one major service (Inspection II in BMW parlance).

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Long-term intro: Shijil's 2013 Toyota 86

Long-term intro: Shijil’s 2013 Toyota 86

When time came to replace my daily driver, a 2008 Volvo S40, I wanted something that’s fun and involving to drive. Soon a list was formed which included V8 Mustangs, Nissan 350Z’s, Hyundai Genesis Coupes and VW Golf R’s. As with all my car purchases that start from one thing and end up at something else entirely, I randomly checked the Toyota 86 listings online and bingo! There was a base-model 2013 model Toyota 86 automatic within my reach.

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