Renault to launch mystery sedan in GCC

Renault to launch mystery sedan in GCC

Renault Middle East sent us news that they will launch a new midsize sedan in the GCC during September. They even sent us a teaser photo of the unnamed car, showing only a tail-light. That was enough for me to figure out that the car will be a rebadged version of the Korean-built Nissan-derived Samsung SM5.

The Korean-specific Samsung SM5 is based on the Nissan Maxima platform, and is actually a variation of the Asian-market Nissan Teana. Since Renault owns Nissan, and Nissan supplies all the mechanicals for Samsung, the rebadged Renault version of the SM5 is a natural extension, especially since Renault’s own French-built cars are too weird to appeal to conservative buyers here.

Renault says that the “new” car for the Middle East will get a Nissan-derived 170 hp 2.3-litre V6, which has to be the smallest V6 on the market right now.

Renault has also released details of the interior, which will include features such as Renault’s unique Smart-Card keyless entry system, as well as automatic climate control, power memory seats, windshield-wiper rain sensors and more. Safety equipment includes ABS braking with electronic brake distribution (EBD), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), adaptive front airbags, along with side and curtain airbags, safety belt pretensioners with load limiters, and active protection headrests.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first Samsung to be sold here. The current Nissan Sunny is actually a Korean-built Samsung SM3.

Update: It will be called the Renault Safrane.

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  1. bad move..shouldve just named it a nissan something..people hardly buy renaults in this country..and 2.3 for a V6..psshhh

  2. the front is OK but there is something wrong with the back????
    the engine is strange but strong for a 2.3 L.
    what about the interior pics 😐

  3. Author

    You’ll have to find interior pics in Google, dude. I had to wade through Samsung’s Korean-language website just to get those!

  4. The shape is a result of a Renault and a Nissan getting jiggy 😆
    I think the Nissan Teana is faring pretty well in India.

  5. thanks dude

  6. everything from Carlos Ghoson is great,no doubt about it.

  7. iam very excited about this car to get one as test drive.

  8. Great car,Skilled engineering ,, this car will surely rock,,,,,,Atlast Renault showed wat they are capable,,,,,,,
    i love renault

  9. Mashfique,

    Friend of mine has an imported Nissan Sentra 2008 with MR20DE engine along with CVT tranny from the USA, currently it has an engine problem and needs to be replaced. in my country, i have found a new SM5 2008 GCC spec’s 2.0 L4 engine with normal auto tranny. it looks exactly like the one posted above. my question is: can SM5 2.0 engine fit on my friend’s sentra car? SM5 has a basic auto tranny while the sentra has a lazy CVT tranny. also i’m not sure if GCC sm5 ii has used the MR20DE engine or still stick with SR20DE.

    please help!!



    • Author

      This also has an MR20DE. Only a mechanic can tell you if it will fit easily or not to the existing transmission.

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