Mitsubishi offering free goat in New Zealand

Mitsubishi offering free goat in New Zealand

It is a popular fact that there are more sheep than people in the island state of New Zealand. The country’s love for domestic animals is being taken advantage of by Mitsubishi. The Japanese automaker in New Zealand is offering a free goat with every Triton pickup sold before August in a novel effort at “correcting the economy.”

A Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand spokesman said that the economy’s recovery was in the hands of the rural sector. Apparently goats, like the Triton, are “hardy, versatile units which will integrate directly into existing farm operations”.

The Mitsubishi lackey told a New Zealand paper that goats improved farm productivity by defending against weeds, were cheaper than toxic sprays, and there was no risk of goat flu affecting the tourism industry. “We are aware that three years of drought has severely depleted sheep and beef populations, so what better time to float the goat?”

If a potential buyer already has enough goats, or more realistically, does not have room for one, Mitsubishi will instead offer a five-year extended warranty, five years of roadside assistance and $500 of genuine accessories, among other freebies.

The Triton is sold as the L200 in the GCC, but we have a hard time imagining the UAE dealer to be this creative. But if you suddenly want to buy this pickup, check out the Mitsubishi L200 buyer guide.

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  1. will they offer camels here?

  2. hahaha….nice!!!

  3. lol ! now that’s marketing !

  4. I think you’ll find that Mitsubishi actually stole this idea off a small nz cardealer up north who are still running their goat campaign. mitsi have obviously been trawling youtube for idea to pilfer.

    Have a look and decide yourself – he puts up a compelling case:

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