Toyota offering new Camry Sport model in UAE

Toyota offering new Camry Sport model in UAE

When my friend, who is looking for a new car, told me that Toyota was offering a 2009 Toyota Camry Sport for only Dhs 65,000 in Abu Dhabi, I figured he was hallucinating. However, he described to me what a Camry Sport is, and it seemed even more unbelievably stupid.

Today I see a newspaper ad by Toyota, showing off the Yaris Sport for Dhs 40,000, the Corolla Sport for Dhs 50,000, and the aforementioned Camry Sport for Dhs 65,000, also available in Dubai, Sharjah and other Emirates. They are all badged as “Sport Limited Edition.”

It turns out the “Sport” models are actually the basic models, with the least amount of features. It is just an excuse to advertise low starting prices, while making it sound cool. There are no extras such as free insurance with these “Sport” models either, although you do get them with the regular-priced higher-spec models. This is also likely a ploy to clear stocks unsold since the recession started, especially as the redesigned 2010 Camry is on its way.

With companies freely throwing around the “Sport” and “Limited Edition” using just dealer-installed stickers, no wonder fanboys pop up and start thinking they drive sports cars.

What do you think?



  1. now even prado sports is for 100000 n the fortunner for 80000

  2. loool! losers! xD

  3. There is a Prado Sport for 99,999 dhs and Sequioa Sport for 149,999 dhs…same trick…i am sure they will have cassette player inside, without seat covers and other missing luxury stuff…

  4. When i went to nissan the other day, the sales guy was explainin to me what they were doing..Toyota is offering the plain basic model for Dhs 65,000, so Nissan is offering the base Altima for Dhs 63,900…But then again with this base model you dont get the free insurance and stuff..But he also said that, they are doing better now as copared to a few months ago because of the free insurance and other free bees they are offering..

  5. I saw the advert and I almost thought the prices had dropped and this was indeed some special edition one… 😯

  6. I had a look on the Toyota Camry Sports edition , and its empty. Its just the engine – basic radio/cassete – Its like getting the old Honda City or Toyota Echo but with a 2.4 ltr.

  7. i guess by sport our jokers mean tht when they remove extra weight, the power:weight ratio is better…

    by a hair 😛 xD


  9. haha besides the supra and the mr2, did toyboata make any sports car? 🙄
    calling a camry ‘sport’ is like calling a buffalo agile and nimble, lmao pathetic is the only word to describe the stupid dealers here.

  10. very pathitic dealer!!!!

  11. I have seen Camry sport in the showroorm,

    It has no CD and alloy-weels.
    But overall, I feel it is a good deal to buy a Camry that is fully automatic, with ABS, free 3M tinting and bluetooth for only 65000 .

  12. The Camry sport has also parking sensors

  13. hahahahahahahhahahaahahaha!!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 What else is eligible to be the best joke of the year????? 😆 😆 😆 😆 Yaris, Corolla & Camry SPORT..hahahaah…

    if that badge was for the Camry SE i would still consider myself blind and deaf and take it like an idiot!!…but this is just too much….

  14. rav4, fortuner, fj, sequoia are with cd players, parking sensors and basic 3m tint, so its basic with little perks of about 1000-1500dhs value, but u lose out on 1st year insurance that is about 5% of the cars price

  15. this news is two weeks late on DA

  16. Author

    It is not news. It is a heads-up. I don’t advertise for Toyota.

  17. loooooooool..hehehe…good luck toyota…
    mash???is it the car in the picture????

  18. Author

    No different from a regular version.

  19. RAV4 has an alloy-weels also Roof Rails, Rear Spoiler
    Bluetooth, Rear parking sensor what u thing guys?????… 🙄

  20. boring car

  21. I just saw today at the 7days newspaper an add for “sport” Rav4 and “sport” Fortuner… both for 79,999…. both has nothing but airbags and remotes…. !!! 😯 😕

  22. well the camry sport can attract more fleet sales , especially the taxi operators, i wonder what are the missing amenities?

  23. 😳 This is very funny but still some one like to play with themseif.

  24. I also visited the Toyota Showroom in Sharjah to see this CAMRY SPORT. It is a basic CAMRY but worth the price if it also gives free insurance, registration etc like they r giving with the regular model toyotas.

  25. Try the Altima instead, in comparison to Camry base model (so called Sport edition. You get more features on the Altima such as Cruise Control, Push button ignition, key free entry, intelligent key system, CD player with iPod connection auxillary jack system, drive computer and CVT transmission with manual mode. In fact the CVT is so good that in actual it gives a great mileage of 11.5 Kms per litre of petrol at an average speed of 110 to 120 Kms/hour. Moreover it is cheaper than Camry sport and the price difference will enable you to easily add Bluetooth + Navigation + Parking sensors, thus giving it a further advantage and definitely a better buy.

  26. Well what can I say……………

    all those old toyota buyers are now Losing haha,

    corolla was anyway over priced………….

    now toyota is selling off stock at the correct
    price thats all…….

    TOYOTA PRADO V6 4 litre engine full options
    wow I had a look at it and was an instant

    anyone has any good reason not to buy this…

  27. Dear guys,please think carefully before you decide to buy this car,its WT-i engine not VVT-I engine like the basic Camry!!!!

  28. The Sport badge adds +5 hp

  29. hi There

    Any one know when the camry 2010 will be in the market, I went to Al futtaim and they said that there is no upgrade in the engine for 2010 camry!!!!!!

  30. hi there!!!
    Toyota may be selling their base model cars with a tag ‘Sport’..but these cars are sold at a lower prices for sure…The Camry base model which costs 78-80K are offered for 65K those who wanna a good n brand new cars for lowest price …just go ahead and grab the offer…another thing which we need to think is those who bought these cars before this offers are real losers…the prices of cars in UAE is extremely high compared to US…my bro bought a FJ cruiser for 90K (inclusive of taxes)which costs 120k+ here in UAE..:) we r taken for a ride here ?????

  31. Rubbish car with a rubbish price tag. Along with incompetent & greedy dealers.. Toyota had better cars back in the days this generation of camry is real crap…

  32. I need to know what is the price of used Camry SE
    with sunroof, spoiler, CD-players
    if anyone has got information

  33. i kno somebody who jus bought the 2010 camry se v6. awesome car! same engine as the 07,08,and 09 se v6 models(3.5 liter 268 horses)the 2010 model just has an upgraded look. haha i can actually say dat dis car iz better than my dads 06 Acura TL:)

  34. Al futtaim certainly thinks they can make ppl fool be these cheap tricks..!!! i think Nissan altima is much better option than this Camry..

  35. hello
    respected sir can you tell me the price of used camry cars please i would like to have touch with you and start a small business

  36. helllo omid which model year camry are u looking into

  37. 65000 for a base camry is a good price, trick or not!
    Camry is a very good car and great value for money.

    It is dull and boring no doubt, but what do you think you can get for 65K?

    If you want a nice and intersting car you have to pay 200+K for decent Mercedes E class or BMW 5 series.

    This camry os priced like the Korean cars; which is not bad.

  38. 65,000Dhs is a good price. As they also add 3M window tint and rear parking sensors. So, it better than the basic model.

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