Hiroshi and Osamu for Middle East Chevrolet ads

Chevrolet is launching a regional integrated communications campaign highlighting the benefits of Chevrolet ownership over competitors using two fictional Japanese characters, Hiroshi and Osamu. The campaign demonstrates the four key areas in which Chevrolet excels: low cost of ownership, peace of mind, safety, and quality, reliability, durability (QRD).

In the advertising campaign, Hiroshi and Osamu’s adventure begins when their boss, Kenshin, summons the loyal employees to his office in the company’s Japan headquarters. He assigns Hiroshi and Osamu a mission to investigate why Chevrolet vehicles are so popular in the Middle East, and specifically, why Chevrolet is succeeding in drawing customers away from the Japanese automaker. They are instructed to do anything necessary to carry out their mission.

Fans can follow the progress of Hiroshi and Osamu’s investigation on television, online, print and other channels. Fans can also learn more at the website where they can find vehicle test results, details of Hiroshi and Osamu’s assignment and their personal information. But if fans really want to reach out to Hiroshi and Osamu on a personal level, they can find them on facebook or follow them on twitter.

The idea for the whole campaign was inspired by real life events. Chevrolet discovered that competitors had actually sent people to study Chevrolet’s strengths, and to understand what was driving Chevrolet’s sales growth in the region.

“The competition should be worried. We’re confident that Hiroshi and Osamu will get people talking about the benefits of owning a Chevrolet,” said Hossein Hassani, Chevrolet Divisional Marketing Manager in the Middle East.

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  1. Thanks For the link & hope that one day i owne one like it 😉

  2. Is that you, Hiroshi? I came across Osamu on the street that other day and beat the crap outta him for dissing Chevrolet.

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