BMW ConnectedDrive offered by AGMC

AGMC, the exclusive importer for BMW and MINI in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, has fitted its 6000th vehicle with BMW ConnectedDrive, a single network that offers customers greater comfort, safety and advanced infotainment.

Launched in the UAE in 2003, the in-car service allows registered BMW vehicles to benefit from three powerful functions exclusive to BMW: BMW Assist, BMW Online and BMW TeleService – providing safety services, email accessibility and diagnostic technology respectively.

One of the biggest advantages of ConnectedDrive is BMW Assist, a safety feature which gives customers access to a dedicated 24-hour National Response Centre. In the case of an unforeseen event, a direct voice link to the Response Centre is established by using the SOS button or Emergency Service feature. The ‘Emergency Call’ facility is also automatically activated in crash situations via the airbag sensor, alerting the Response Centre immediately to ensure quick action – even if the driver is unable to make a voice connection. The vehicle’s data and position are forwarded to the Response Centre and then on to the ambulance, police or fire brigade so they can locate the vehicle easily.

BMW Online enables customers, where vehicles have the required function options, to access emails and their address book from the car, where messages are displayed on the vehicle’s monitor and accessed through the iDrive controller. Customers can also log onto their personal, password-protected BMW Online email account.

The third feature of BMW ConnectedDrive, is BMW TeleServices, which facilitates the cordless transmission of maintenance data from the car directly to AGMC providing a specific service profile for each vehicle, and allowing for spare parts to be reserved or ordered prior to the service date, thereby eliminating delays.

BMW ConnectedDrive technology is available in all new BMW models, and is activated when customers subscribe to the service through AGMC.

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  1. I do not use 50% of Apps. Not aware. Induction was poor & hastened. No follow up service aswell.

  2. Using the phone to open the car is not available. Conneced app not enabled by AGMC. No clarity on the offering. I always liked bmw. But AGMC not so much.

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