2010 Toyota Prado debuts first in Europe

2010 Toyota Prado debuts first in Europe

2010 Toyota Prado
The 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado officially debuted in the United Kingdom, even while shipments of the new model are sitting on GCC ports as local dealers wait for stocks of the old model to be cleared.

The body-on-frame 4×4 retains much of the features made the outgoing model popular. Features in the top British version include a 14-speaker CD stereo with hard drive, optional adaptive air suspension, and three-row seating apparently now with a fold-flat last row.

While the Europeans only get a 3.0-litre turbodiesel, models coming to the UAE will surely get a 275 hp 4.0-litre V6, if not also the 2.7-litre inline-4. A 3-door version is expected to debut later.

The Euro-spec 2010 Toyota Prado is expected to fully debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, while some of our readers in Qatar and Saudi Arabia say we will get the GCC-spec version in November this year.

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  1. o it looks horrible. the exterior is ugly and the interior is fugly, outdated and looks cheap. the old prado looks better. the new one sucks big time! and design matters today!
    ‘thumsdown’ my comment if you like but it wont change anything.

  2. Thumbs up to ur comment from my side Boris..i stick wid ur comment..the new design evn dissappointed some of my hardcore toyota fanboy frnds..

  3. The design looks sweet and its got some tasty features…

  4. People would comment gud or bad.

    But a big expample is toyota landcruiser.

    In GCC land cruiser was dull at begining on roads and nw….u can see

  5. well..Raun, when the last gen land cruiser first hit the roads, it never looked so great nor promising..but the behemoth proved itself on the dunes, wadis and what not the harsh terrains of the middle east had to offer…the new one, however, sort of fails to do so…not many are happy with the off-road capabilities of the new LC and prefer the old one! and tat includes the experienced safari drivers too

  6. m not much of a fan of PRADOs but, looking at this one i would say it looks like a “love child” of new gen. LC and previous gen. PRADO..and i must say wat an ugly child it is…the rear lights are so 90’s and cheap like a suzuki… (they could have shown some creativity but NO!!)…and the interior concept is from FJ (too much sharp and edgy, no smooth curves???) BTW interior reminds me of my ’92 prado which was same boring and very much square…

  7. new prado sukz!
    old 1 iz betta!!

  8. akhhhhhh very ugly

  9. Get a Pajero instead – more options for a cheaper price and you’ll never notice the difference!

  10. The new design sucks…looks cheap…old was better

  11. @ vivek,u r right, there are demerits in new landcruisers bt the toyota could take a survey in GCC and find out,at present time i donno about the market.But one thing old land cruiser done its way and that generation is over and nw new models has to come and its specifications too so the market changes according that the taste of the people changes automatically.If wat all demerits are there in the new LC may be they would correct wit the new models on the comin years,thats the market.

  12. Old Prado design was launched in 2003. Now after 7 years of work they came with this shit. What the hell is with toyota?
    Look Mazda and Honda , they are coming with so modern shapes.
    Thumbs Down!!!

  13. it is a small land cruiser or sequoia nothing new:S CHEAP it must be a 2002 model btw the old one is better, boring interior

  14. omg I saw it here in abu-dhabi with white color it looks horible!! …. man what’s wrong with designers these days??? are they drunk or something… most of japanese new cars are ugly except mazda(u can say maybe, although I am not a fan of mazda)… Customers should design for them! and vote for the best shape 😀

  15. interior is so bad looking. similar to the murano

  16. sucks,ugly and cheap outside!!!?
    not bad features inside!!!!?but its cheap!!!!?

  17. I do not know why TOYOTA trying to push me to buy NISSAN or MITSUBISHI after 15 years of LC driving or should I have to use my actual 4 big Toyotas for 10 years until someone there gets fired and the new one will redesign ?
    No question about the quality BUT …….

  18. ANd where is the 6 valve turbodiesel new engine promised with new 6 AUT gearbox .
    IM shocked

  19. Alright .. heres a VIDEO for all you critics..


    In my opinion, the design looks class. You can see both the LWB as well the SWB versions of the Prado 2010 on road, in the above video.

  20. Is it just me or does anybody else agree that toyota has a way with designing plain ugly interiors throughout their range, including the Lexus brands. If not ugly, then boring, compared to other manufacturers.

  21. no, ugly is the right word!

  22. This sure is a place where critics DRIVE ARABIA away!

  23. you might wanna see the same ppl (including me) above, giving their opinion about the new 4Runner, which are mostly positive comments. this Prado is just ugly.

  24. All remember when the old shape was revealed the first time it got a lot of -ve feedback, now it is good because we get used of it. I personally Have 2005 Prado VX, I love the car, I’m thinking of selling it but I can not find a match car for the performance. Looking to see the new shape in the streets and have a real judgment on the performance.


  26. I am really disappointed, I waited for this model and was using a rent a car just to pass 4 months to buy this car, but I am clearly unhappy with my foolish decision. The question is what was in the mind of the designer who did this crap? May be Abnormal or mentally retarded. Guys go for Mazda or Tahoe. The only reason people will buy this car will be the spare parts or the resale value other than that this car has nothing to offer.

  27. 2010 YM Prado looks good, feels good to drive one.
    Fantastic options, User friendly, Power packed.
    At last… we now have Diesel Automatic Transmission.

  28. Yo This Is Exterior Is The Uglyiest Exterior I Have Ever Seen I Have A Old Prado (2008) Top Of The Range So Awesome And This No Words To Describe IT

  29. Yo Yo… its alright dawg.. youve made the mistake of buying da shit a lil too early.. u know mama was right when she said to be a lil patient! Now hold on to ur booty and keep ur traper keeper shut.. u know what im saying! Peace Out

  30. I have 2009 Prado and Im very happy with it. I think new one is ok but previous is better

  31. Very dissapointing given that Toyota had over 7 years to produce a new design. Seems like they squashed the larger land cruiser to make this one. Probably it will grow on us.

  32. I think its ugly! Is the tyre at the back gone? I always disliked this about the old versions because it made the opening of the trunk uncomfortable. That said, I wouldn’t buy this one.

  33. Toyota is never going to make a good comeback unless they change the same old looks, graphics, and interior. there’s no point on focusing just to boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooost up the prices.
    atleast for now people are making themselves understand.
    farewell to toyota.

  34. They’re cars went in a very commercialized direction lately.. I mean their previous generation was much more genuine and priced reasonably also…

  35. The thing is just dam ugly man!It has this cheap Pajero-Tundra look… i’d stick to the old shape Prado if i was planning to change!!!

  36. the point in uae ,is all coment negative on a new toyota in the market which happened for the new corolla ,but it just sold like anything ,same is gonna happen with this prado

  37. but thats what the negative comments are. no matter how bad the car’s design is, people will buy it because its a toyota. corolla is still unattractive from a design stand-point (exterior and interior). in other aspects, the car is pretty good.
    but now, the prado is really expensive now. People who used to buy it may not be able to anymore. in this price range, people have other options (which are in the luxury vehicles segment) which also look better.

  38. I think the new Prado looks like a beautiful bride. Problem is most people get scared of a product’s initial debut. Very soon it will be a gathering storm like its predicessors.

  39. The 2010 Prado is a load of rubbish. I can’t stand the UGGGGGGLLLLLY sight of this car. I am very disspointed in Toyota.

  40. Cool 4X4.
    The new one is a bit expensive but awesome.

  41. The new Prado is by far better than the previous one. It is widder whish means better stabiliry and it has so many system that will help you drive like profesional drivers in the sand dunes like ths KDSS and the crewal control

    • Prados did improve in a lot of ways. But sadly the new suspension has caused the Prado lean problem. Google it…..

    • I’ve recently seen two Prado VXLs with no lean for the first time but I can tell you straight that those two prados werent being sold at the AlFuttaim Toyota Dealership. I’ve just given a hint!

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