Mercedes-Benz fake parts destroyed in Sharjah

Thousands of counterfeit Mercedes-Benz spare parts worth over Dhs 8 million have been seized and destroyed after a major raid in Sharjah, UAE.

More than 65,000 fake commercial vehicle parts including brake pads, turbochargers, alternators, oil coolers, piston rings, gasket kits and belt tighteners were recovered in a joint operation between law enforcement authorities, a law firm and Mercedes-Benz Middle East & Levant.

Hundreds of boxes of the fake parts were seized in Sharjah industrial estate from a Chinese counterfeiter, who has a record of copying other brands and was earlier this year prevented from exhibiting at the Automechanika exhibition.

“We work very closely with the local authorities to beat the counterfeiters who are actively cheating companies out of millions of dirhams,” said Mr. Ivo Kapitski, Vice President & Director, After Sales, Mercedes-Benz Middle East & Levant. “We believe that this raid sends a strong message to the others dealing in fake auto parts and would like to thank the authorities for their hard work and diligence.”

Besides being illegal, the trade in counterfeit parts has a negative impact on the economy when it comes to national revenues. It could also have a possible fatal impact on drivers and their passengers if counterfeit parts such as brake pads malfunction, as well as reducing the brand-owner’s return-on-investment when it comes to unlawful exploitation for a quick profit by the counterfeiters.

“These parts are manufactured solely to make a quick profit. They use low quality materials and are not subject to the extensive quality tests that we perform at Mercedes-Benz,” added Mr. Kapitski. “Although the customers may think they have a good bargain, we advise them to report any kind of suspected parts to their local Mercedes-Benz distributor.

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