UAE news: Discounts, fake cops & dirty cars

UAE news: Discounts, fake cops & dirty cars

Law enforcers have been busy in the UAE for the past couple of weeks. The hottest news of the week are discounts for traffic fines in Abu Dhabi. Ajman has its own set of problems, with impersonators robbing people. And then there is the annual dilemma of where to leave your car during the holidays.

Abu Dhabi has decided to slash all traffic fines by 50%, existing and future, for an indefinite period, apparently to encourage people to renew their registrations. There was some mention of encouraging road safety, but that is lost on us. Of course, according to Gulf News, now there is a mad rush for renewals, as thousands crowd the traffic department. It seems having a four-figure collection of fines is a way of life there.

Ajman authorities have charged five men with impersonating police officers in Ajman after dozens of people were duped into handing over thousands in imaginary fines. The National reports that one person was “fined” Dhs 22,000 by a man posing as a police officer, who then drove away in his victim’s car, telling him that it had been confiscated. Other tricksters have actually dressed up as uniformed cops. Police simply say to ask for ID when approached.

Abu Dhabi has also announced that they’ll start confiscating cars that are left in public parking lots for more than two weeks as people start leaving for month-long holidays, according to The National. Also, Gulf News says Ajman has already picked off hundreds of cars, while RTA warning stickers on windshields are a common sight in Dubai as well.

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  1. but u can leave the car parked in any parking lot with a visible parking card

  2. 30 dhs is all ,u get a car body cover and al;l u need is 5 minutes to put it over

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