Nissan Patrol 2010 recall in UAE & GCC

Nissan Patrol 2010 recall in UAE & GCC

Nissan is recalling more than a thousand new 2010 Patrol models in the UAE for electronic problems that could affect the fuel supply and stall the engine.

According to The National newspaper, Nissan Middle East will launch a recall campaign for about 1,250 Nissan Patrols sold in the UAE. We assume the recall extends to a few thousand more Patrols around the GCC.

Vehicles affected are the 2010 model with VIN serial numbers A9000112 to A90004207. A Nissan spokesman says “the integrated circuit inside the electronic control module (ECM) could potentially break. It means that the fuel injector could stop working and the engine could stop.”

According to the paper, there are 427 Patrols in Dubai and 823 more in Abu Dhabi. Nissan dealerships will replace the ECM for free.

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  1. just launched & before that vehicle recall……..

  2. but still i feel its a very good SUV ,with all feartures ,nice luxurious SUV

  3. At least the throttle doesn’t get stuck, or brake problems, good on Nissan for recalling asap, unlike others who wait until fatalities.

  4. what a shame… still a nice SUV though…

  5. It happens people, it happens… With mass production and cost cutting… It happens.. But at least they dont have a dark history and they never like that of ford and GM..

  6. i guess it still same category as pedal stuck , if engine gets stalled at high speed , u loose ur power steering and brake assists…and i know how it feel when engine stalls when ur driving at 160..

  7. hi kaiz

    i came to know it does not stall like that as if u switch of the ignition ,one injectors dont function and it misfires causing drop in pick up ,ur brake booster and power steering pump still works on the working bores

  8. Haha, they should recall it and never send it on the roads again because it looks ugly now, the one before is way better. Peace.

  9. I bought the car few weeks ago. I checked with the technitian and he informed me that the cars with the chasi number stated in the news are the problematic one. replacenment of the piece takes an hour approximately. The car i fantastic and drives smoothly, no problems so far.

  10. I wonder if the same problem will exist for the 2011 Infiniti QX56?

    Hope not, otherwise I will have to take the Lincoln

  11. could any body direct me to the source of this news specially the chasi number because my car faced this problem

  12. this has ruined it for me. my a/c is crap and now this problem

  13. ^^ call any of the nissan workshops..or just take it in any report the fault..

  14. Can some one tell me the feul consumption of new model , i couldnt find it in any site .

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