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Long-term update: 2005 Peugeot 307 XSI

Long-term update: 2005 Peugeot 307 XSI

After selling our 2005 Peugeot 307 XSI to my buddy, I had made a deal with him to fix the non-working windshield washers and replace the lost remote key. That turned out to be a bit of a hassle.

The washers were easy enough to get fixed at the dealer, costing us Dhs 145 to have water squirting onto the windshield again.

The key, we had to buy in stages. We were already made to buy a non-remote key many months ago for Dhs 465, shipped in from France. So now, first the dealer sold us the remote key-fob part only for Dhs 275, and then we had to wait three weeks for the Dhs 20 metal key part to be shipped in. We then had to drop off the car for key-cutting and programming at additional cost. That took almost two days because they flubbed the cutting. All in all, the remote key cost Dhs 425. Why they couldn’t just import a remote key from the start, I’ll never know. So with almost 900 bucks down, the car now has two keys.

My buddy reports that the car has been running fine since I sold it to him a month ago. The only things he’s spent money on since then are three air-fresheners. He hates his own odour.

Original Mileage When Bought: 40,500 km
Latest Mileage To Date: 55,000 km
Latest Average Fuel Economy: 10.9 litres/100 km
Cost of Latest Problems: Dhs 570
Cost of Latest Maintenance: Dhs 0

Total Non-Fuel Running Cost Since Bought: Dhs 3701

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  1. Mash…sorry to say its a stupid post..there was no point in writting this..do some test drives man..do for d new ferrari 458…a video test drive ..

  2. Mash, my Focus’s door look works no more. Dealer gave a quote of 1800dhs. Seems i have to do something to lock, like what Mr.Bean did to his mini.

  3. Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

    ^Try buying a lock mechanism in Sharjah and getting it fitted in some ghetto garage. I had a lock issue with my Jeep, and I think my cost for one lock was well under 500 bucks.

  4. lock…hmm will try..

  5. royer, I had like your problem with my civic back in 2006. I went to a normal lock shop in sharjah (in Rolla area) to see what’s wrong. The guy opened the civic’s door, took the broken lock from the door and fixed it in minutes. He charged me 40 AED. And the lock till now is working properly.

  6. Can some one suggest the shops or the area where their are couple of lock shops around. I am not too familiar with Sharjah (except Al Wahda, that too main area.)

  7. I mean in Sharjah area… Dubai is too expensive, except naif, but again there are more accessories shop there than mechanics, Rashidya and Um Ramool not too sure…

  8. You will find 2 shops there.
    Ask the guy to repair the lock; he will take some time to open the door’s cover.

    I never knew that broken locks could be repaired before, but after seeing this guy’s work, i became a believer.


  9. Thanks buddy will check and post the outcome.

  10. Mash..care 2 reply?

  11. Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

    ^About what?

  12. wat i wrote in my first post about doing video test drives…

  13. Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

    ^when the time comes

  14. how much did you sell it? if you allow me to ask….. (price range if you can tell me, plz)

  15. Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury Author

    I sold for 20k-21k (can’t remember) to my friend.

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