Nissan GT-R 2012 VVIP edition now in UAE & GCC

Nissan GT-R 2012 VVIP edition now in UAE & GCC

Nissan Middle East is now offering a new version of the GT-R in the GCC. It is being termed as the 2012 Nissan GT-R VVIP edition, which is basically another name for the Japanese-market ‘Egoist’ trim level. It is a customisable version of the updated 2011-2012 GT-R, with more power and more luxurious cabin upholstery.

The VVIP edition includes the revised 530 hp GT-R engine and adds a high degree of customer personalisation for the interior leather upholstery. The GT-R in these Nissan-supplied photos show a car with white leather upholstery with golden highlights, as well as dealer-installed gold-plated grilles and ‘VVIP’ badges.

Nissan recently conducted a ride-and-drive media event at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit with the 2012 Nissan GT-R, to which we were not invited. However, they are offering one-day media test drives, which we have declined as per our policy to not take cars for less than two days. Be advised though that the 2012 Nissan GT-R, in regular and VVIP editions, is now available for order at selected Nissan dealers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other GCC countries, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi showrooms in the UAE.

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  1. interesting one mash.

    but those vvip badges/ editions are just too ridiculous. no clue why people would buy this?!

    ..reminds me of those folks who left their VIP stickers in the windows even weeks after the F1..

  2. Why is Nissan looking too much into VVIPs…… They don’t provide the real car enthusiasts needs.

  3. Yuck, what an ugly interior… This is a performance car they should make a touring version of it not a VVIP version… Wait till they release the Paris Hilton ‘BFF’ version..

  4. Any word about the price?

  5. Good interiors for the Mafia 🙂

  6. This is a very high performance car. Sadly the inexplicable cost premium on these in UAE compared to other regions is as high as its performance. Lemme know if you guys find money falling out of some tree in UAE, either that or buyers here are being made. Even if i could afford it, I would not be one of those. 😉

  7. What an awesome interior. I can’t believe this is born in Nissan plant. It is amazing. Fast and “golden” luxury. I love it. Perfect color combination of the best white, and gold.

  8. ROJ fully with you, absolute ridiculous badges, name tag and colours

  9. ROJ – Paris Hilton BFF version…LOL

  10. i kinda like this VVIP model.
    it suits some really rich guys who likes to drive cars daily rather than take it to the tracks.

  11. one unique super car getting better as days goes by.

  12. thanks mash…
    the manual is coming soon on the patrol..XE with 6 speed…

  13. yes…V8 but not sure>>>320 or 400

    • Wish it wil be with 400HP. So that I can beat those guys with LXs and Tundras.

    • Buying an SUV to drive fast is like buying an elephant for a derby race. I dont understand why people buy SUV’s with the intent of driving fast. It is a car meant for family use and offroading not for racing between the lights. Huge SUV’s are a menace on the road, a danger to other drivers and i have the least respect for those who want to drive them fast and kill other ppl but still manage to survive themselves, unluckily. For all of us who like to have fun and drive fast, there are things specially made, called sports cars !! Ur NOT a car enthusiast if ur buying a huge V8 SUV, to break the sound barrier.

    • u can beat them with the auto as well.

    • If those SUV riders get themselves sports cars for the same money, then they’d enjoy the ride better and they’d even save their lives if not others..

      Buy sports cars… Support and revive the performance sector of the market..

  14. price for normal edition is 365K AED and the VVIP is 700K + !! what a difference!

  15. Nissan is trying to push itself into the ‘exotic’ class of cars. Agreed, GTR is one of the meanest cars they’ve produced to date and it’s definitely starting to question long time players like Audi, Porsche, BMW and probably this is their way of being listed as an ‘exotic’ car producer. With superb performance being offered for such an affordable price, this is probably the only option left on Nissan stands. Why not make a VVIP edition ? Throw in some fancy gold plated badges, white leather upholstery and make it look classy.
    And yes there will be a manual one coming through and it will then be up to the driver to make sure they don’t burn the clutch off! With an outstanding record sales for the R35, I believe Nissan will charge a ridiculous price because they can! People who have driven the R35 know that the performance they’re being offered for the price is a bargain, to say the least!
    Needless to say, this car is definitely going to go out in numbers in UAE,regardless of what is costs because of the exclusivity. I hope they’re limiting production of this edition.

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