Video of the week: Japan earthquake tsunami

Video of the week: Japan earthquake tsunami

As news still trickles in about the earthquake in Tokyo that measured a massive 8.9 on the Richter scale, Japan’s largest earthquake ever has also created a tsunami that flooded cities, washed away cars and caused surrounding countries as far as New Zealand, Hawaii and the Philipines to issue alerts.

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  1. Really feeling sad for those victims….. :'(

  2. I really feel sorry for the Japanese especially those who lost their loved ones ………….. I hope God will give them the courage to withstand this clamity………..

  3. I feel sad for all those cars sinking under water.

    I hope people will take heed and move to safer places. The earthquake was very severe, and the Tsunami topped it up. What a lenghy earthquake, 3 to 4 minutes of shaking, with strength of M8.9 (V12).

    Well, its nice to comment away from cars for a while on

    Thanks for the video

  4. RIP to all the ppl hu were killed 🙁
    that was my human part

    now for my careless guy part…..
    how long b4 those cars come to the second hand market here as ímports at realy cheap prices!’ 😛

  5. Its a very sad news for all humanity May Allah help those who effect from it & Forgive who lost their lives…

  6. Such a great nation and people dont deserve such a disaster.. I pray for them..

  7. peace be upon everyone there……………

  8. well wishes goes out to everyone there…sad and horrible..god bless us all

  9. ALLAH help them

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