127-car pileup in Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway crash

127-car pileup in Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway crash

One man died and 61 people were injured when a multiple-car pile-up happened on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway on the 2nd of April. The huge crash involved 127 cars on the road heading into Dubai, early in the morning.

According to Gulf News, the pile-up took place between Sahama and Ghantoot areas at around 8 am, and it happened due to many speeding motorists not keeping safe distance between cars in foggy low-visibility conditions, as is normally the case with incompetent drivers in the UAE.

The Abu Dhabi police says 127 cars were involved in the crash. Police apparently arrived at the site in five minutes, with more than 100 police vehicles getting involved in clearing up the mess within two hours.

This is the latest major pile-up on the same road since the one on March 2008 that killed 8 people.

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  1. I strongly suggest more strict road speed limit and rules for UAE. i have several experience to drive in this kind fog where i have seen many people drive like crazy..they should be HANGED…thats all…

  2. Calm down man.. there is no need for any body to be hanged.. :S I’m sure there are other ways of punishing rash drivers in the UAE

  3. Fog lights in vehicles is technical entity that is overlooked in the UAE. I believe all cars, trucks and buses must have fog lights especially the rear one and traffic police to enforce drivers to put them on in foggy days

  4. Traffic needs to be enforced once and for all. I know that driving in the middle east is terrible, but more enforcement is necessary!

  5. it is not happening in dubai side while both abudhabi and dubai have fog… why??

  6. Sometimes when I see traffic offenders. I wish I had the power to fine them.
    Drive fast but when it comes to safety Drive safely. No one is gonna think you are a bad or slow driver. If they do, they are just an immature kid.

  7. Apparently making people pay for fines and installing a zillion radar on the road did reduce accidents but it wasnt sufficient to make people stop these habits.. There is alot of reckless driving going on..

    The problem is nobody knows how to drive a car, literally… Nobody is qualified to drive on highways, bad weather or deal with emergency conditions..

    Driving schools should stop counting the no. of classes and instead start training people properly and change their attitudes about cars and roads…

  8. They must reduce the speed limit on this to 140 and increase the radars, the Emirates road was the same, but after they installed tens of radars on it, every body is driving within the limit because it is useless to speed up while you have a radar every 1 km distance. this is what should be done on Dubai-Abu Dhabi road.

  9. by giving me -5 you guys proves that how much immature you(some of you) are. who give me (-) are the offenders also. i am against fine but i am with punishment. there should be public punishment for speed limit breaker or serious traffic offender…

    • When a person overspeeds it doesn’t mean he should hanged or he should be made hurt to teach a lesson. But he should be mentally forced to reduce speed and drive safely. Things like cancelling his license would do for some. But hanging people is to harsh. My friend met with a single car accident. He tried to avoid a tire piece on the road at a speed of 130KM/Hr his car rolled over several, he was blamed and was not allowed to leave police station untill his friend who was with him explained what happened. How would have it been if no one was with him and he got the punishment like you said?

  10. To all those obsessed with speed limits; you actually think accidents wont happen at 139 kph?
    It is much safer to drive 150 kph and keep safe distance rather than drive 130 kph with 4 cars within 100 yards of each other.
    Next time there is an accident, people will want the speed limit to be 100 kph, and then we will end up with people driving 40 kph between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    • Speed limits dont change a thing… Those fast drivers would need to be educated about the strenghts and weakness and dynamics of an automobile to better undestand the dangerour conditions they deal with when speeding… This will allow them to then understand how to properly speed and how to properly avoid endangering other people’s lives..

      What about the Autobahn?

  11. Insaallah insaallah… insaallah insallah

  12. I don’t think it’s a speed issue. Mainly because when I drive I still see people who entirely ignore the radars. I think it’s about self-awareness and realizing that there are other people on the road.

    Also, it’t about order. I mean if there were police patrols on the highways, who would break the law??

    I’ve been to Qatar and I’ve seen how people drive there, the order there is: everyone drives fast, so everyone’s happy :). May not be the best but it works.

    So off topic now… who saw the new Bugatti?? It’s a 4 door car aimed to take-down the RR Phantom. Google it!

  13. Your right musa. if that is the case, we should start riding a camel. haha

  14. I dont think speed has anything to do with it. I frequently travel that road and having a good limit for radars is a boon. If it was 140, people would not be able to cover the distance fast even if traffic is low.For some ppl doing it daily or freq. that is very important. Its all about safe driving. People need to understand that Driving Fast is not that Dangerous, Driving Rash is Dangerous. Frequent Lane changing, Tailgaiting etc., and ignoring basic common sense like not stopping when visibility is too low are the culprits. Which is more safer, Travelling 150 with ample space between cars or 140 with not even 10 ft between cars, I think special radars should be introduced where the camera will flash above 140 only if the distance between the car and the one infront is less than permissable, and rash driving should be checked by constant police patrols. Autobahn example is perfect. Its all about educated and cultured drivers.

  15. It’s not the speed it’s people who use the hazard light & driving. Hazard light should be used only if the car is standing still, so we know that there is something up ahead & one more thing accident is mainly cuase there is very annouying people who drive less than 80km on the highway & using the fast lane which is the left. So for you people who do this get off the freakin way & drive on the rigt side.

  16. give me a break…. reduce the speed……period

  17. Dubai and the Gulf States need to mandate REAR FOG LAMPS – “UNECE 38” to new market vehicles. Hazard warning lights are simply NOT as strong and are intended for STATIONARY warning only of breakdowns and crash scenes, not as defact rear fog lamps.


    And –

    Be Seen; – Activate the REAR FOG LAMP when visibility falls to 100m or less.

  18. Sir, i have forever solution for to avoid road accident. and want to do it in all over in the world with the help of any country or with help of well-known businessman. please mail me for this. waiting for yours reply. thank you….

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