Petrol shortage in Dubai causes chaos

Petrol shortage in Dubai causes chaos

There is an ongoing petrol shortage in Dubai since the beginning of this week. We first got wind of it when the BMW man came to pick up our 535i GT long-termer on Sunday the 17th, which was low on petrol. He headed to our local Emarat petrol station, where he was told they have no petrol, forcing him to look elsewhere.

We didn’t realise there was a problem until we saw a long line of cars entering a petrol station on Sheikh Zayed Road, causing a traffic jam on a side-road. Today, the long lines of cars running on empty can be found at many petrol stations, mostly at Eppco ones.

The National newspaper quotes an Emarat spokesman as saying that 60 out of 170 Emarat petrol stations have run out of fuel due to “logistical problems”, whatever that means. The paper also claims that the petrol company is currently suffering from heavy debts since they buy petrol at international rates in a country that produces it.

The problem will supposedly go away in a few days.

What do you think?



  1. Now there is a need of yaris.

  2. probably another reason for sympathy 🙂 to do , oh you know what i mean

  3. Well, ppl with v8’s r gona have to keep their cars in the garage, and whip out the “eco friendly” ones.
    BTW, how the hell can this have 18 fb likes?????

  4. Neither I, my wife, my friends, nor anyone in our respective offices found any issues with filling petrol..

  5. good for you? :S

  6. Wallah, no Bedroll? Yeah khwii, how I drive my Range Rover, my Borsche Cayenne, my Mercedes G55, huh.. tell me? ok- ok … mafeey mushkillah, here, take fullus and go buy 3 bedroll tanker from Abudhabi..

    My brother in Saudia have no problem, yaaneey, bedroll in sayarrah khalaas, he take hose ,boouth in ground.. then free bremium bedroll come out.. my brother too lucky

  7. Got turned away by three petrol pumps yesterday and from the looks of it, they don’t have petrol today as well. It’s not an issue as such for me but poor taxi drivers who have to deal only with Emarat. Plenty of them driving with the windows down when they don’t have a customer.

    • Is that true that they have to only fill up at Emarat? And what happens if they run out of gas while trying to drop a passenger? Get out and push the car to its destination?

  8. Ya for taxi drivers, this seems to be severe problem, I think they still pay by petrol cards..If its rule then they should be allowed to use these cards at all petrol stations or be provided with money during such scenarios.

  9. The paper also claims that the petrol company is currently suffering from heavy debts since they buy petrol at international rates in a country that produces it.

    Seems like an execuse to raise petrol prices again by Emarat.

  10. ADNOC, and presumably Eppco and Enoc as well as the other GCC Countries are not facing problems. Only Emarat has to to buy petrol in international prices in a country rich in crude oil.
    My biggest gripe are those “environment conscious” activists who want petrol here to be as expensive as it in the UK (~7 dhs a litre)

  11. ADNOC – never run out of gas

  12. who is rseponsible for this shortage.?
    this country is very sincere country so hope
    that problem will beresoved in very short period.
    though we are expatiate but living here since
    his highness sheikh rashid bin almaktoum.
    therefore we have full confidence in the HUKUMAT.

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