Electric Superbus tours Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Electric Superbus tours Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The Dutch-built Superbus was shown to the media at Masdar City in Abu Dhabi a few days ago. Fully electric and designed to be capable of 250 kph while carrying 23 passengers, it is being pitched as the next-generation solution to the Dubai-Abu Dhabi commute.

From what we saw, the Superbus is far from ready for primetime. All we got to see was the Superbus doing 25 kph on deserted roads, as we rode alongside in a minivan, because no one was allowed to ride it yet due to insurance limitations. Still under testing, the best speed the prototype has managed so far is 140 kph, and the practicality of the design also has much to be desired. Aside from the thin carbon-fibre doors that seem to have no sound insulation, look at the cramped space through which passengers would have to stumble in and out at stops. Even by the Dutch outfit’s own admission, the Superbus is still four years away from being road-ready, let alone in service.

The original idea is sound, however. Apparently there is a second highway planned between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to reduce congestion. This highway could integrate a special high-speed lane to accomodate the 250 kph Superbus, which would cut down the commute to 30 minutes for businessmen willing to pay, while also dropping them off at designated bus stops around the cities.

It is also potentially environmentally-friendly, as the Superbus was charged in Masdar City using energy from their own solar-panel farm. Indeed, Masdar City was the real surprise of the day. Designed to be a “green” city within Abu Dhabi, all the street lamps there were solar-powered, while we were ferried around partly in Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric cars. The city, as well the environmental institute within it, are still under construction.

The Superbus also made an appearance at the Dubai Autodrome where Mohammed Ben Sulayem apparently “drove” it around the track in a publicity stunt. We didn’t attend after the speeds we saw in Abu Dhabi, but if the Superbus does reach the roads of the UAE by 2015, only drivers of his calibre would be able to pilot it.

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  1. Will there be any difference in the exact production model? This doesn’t even have side mirrors? Or is it any of the screens in the cockpit doing that job…….

  2. I guess every passengers either on leftside or rightside has to hold the mirror to help the driver

  3. Hmmm….. So at the first speed test of the real version there can be something flying off the superbus…..

  4. This is a Danish product – Denmark, in Europe – where every conceivable effort is being made by governments to discourage people from driving cars. besides, all the pending issues with the Superbus, is this on the list of UAE government to shun people from driving in UAE?

  5. *Dutch product – The Netherlands, in Europe.

    sorry, my bad:)

  6. So, it’s driven using a Jaguar XF steering column and stalks. 😛

  7. WAT WAT WAT?!?!?!! I thought the idea of the supperbus was a late april’s fool joke!! 😛

  8. I liked the idea of a second highway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

  9. Hi All,

    good nows for dubai and abu dhabi public.


  10. I am so proud of this electric super bus.If you like this comment you can like it,If you don’t like it you can also dislike (unlike) it.I will not be sad.


  11. aah…………. we pakistani only just wish for such bus. go to hell all the politicians of pakistan. if thera a little power in my hand, i let them all stand in a raw, and just shoot them die.

  12. Why not build a lightweight, super-fast train (much like this stretched car ). Why do trains need to weigh so much? A very light train would be far more cost effective. It will sit much safer and more comfortably on tracks, than a vehicle like does on the road.

    I can’t understand the logic in a vehicle like this.

  13. Is it for Public?? can we travel on this??

  14. Beeep BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP ….. 🙂

  15. Is this Superbus different from the RTA’s DubaiBus which will travel the same route?

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