Suzuki Jimny redesign previewed with XA-Alpha concept

Suzuki Jimny redesign previewed with XA-Alpha concept

Suzuki has unveiled a concept SUV that hints at a future model. Dubbed the XA-Alpha concept, the design was unveiled at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo.

The Suzuki Jimny has long been the 4×4 of choice for those who can’t afford anything better. It is pure speculation so far whether a future 4×4 based on the XA-Alpha will simply join the range alongside the Jimny, or replace the Jimny outright. The XA-Alpha is a fair bit larger than the Jimny so as to offer better everyday comfort, but Suzuki says it will retain its offroad capability, just like the phussified Jimny did when it replaced the Samurai.

While no engine choice has been announced for the concept, it will be built on an all-new platform. It will be designed primarily to serve the growing Indian market.

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  1. Wat a dirty name ” jimny” thts a poor branding!

  2. Unfortunately, the underpowered Jimny can demolish big stalwarts in desert. Some Evouqe, Sportage & Suzuki cross design can never replace Jimny. Jimny has tall boxy cabin design like Jeep, when boxy cabin comes into picture, seats go school bench style, so even though a car looks small, it will have a very good seating space.

  3. I dont like the fact it looks like a soft roader..

  4. I was amazed by its off road performance. Few changes in design could be good.

  5. It looks pretty good in the real life pictures, and it seems to have gotten pretty good clearance, and looks. It’s getting a 1.3L engine for the Indian markets ( similar to Jimny). A toned down version is expected to make production, but at least Jimny might look good. Was always an underrated off-road vehicle, and never had the looks either, until maybe now 😛

  6. I like its ability. But its inside space is not big enough for travelling with baggages.
    If its driving wheel is on the left side it would be much better in Mongolia or other country where traffic rule of rowing is for the left side.

  7. its beautifull,but it needs a diesel engine with muscle,congratulations Suzuki.

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