Freightliner concept aims to revolutionise trucking industry

Freightliner concept aims to revolutionise trucking industry

Freightliner, the American truck-builder, has set their sights on revolutionary designs with an all-new, full-size “crossover” cab – the ‘Revolution Innovation’. The concept rig was unveiled at this year’s Mid-America Trucking Show in the United States.

The designers claim that it was their inspiration from sports cars and aircrafts that ultimately led to its aerodynamic shape. The entire frame is made up of lightweight cold-rolled aluminium, leading to a weight reduction of almost 90 kg. The truck also sports an intelligent rear axle which senses loss of grip and activates itself so as to maintain four drive-axles in the back.

Adding to the list of revolutionary features is the highly aerodynamic body with low-drag rear view cameras, which replace traditional elements. The engine is also lowered to aid the low-slung look of the vehicle, further enhancing fuel economy.

The team also took the decision to craft the entire interior in view of the driver. Single door and seats, personal work-stations and rest-area further highlight the importance given to the driver. The interior also features a new six-gauge cluster, an interactive display that provides the necessary truck information on long hauls and a cell-connected centre console.

But don’t be fooled by the sporty looks and user-friendly features, as Freightliner claims that it is still a fully operational American rig, aimed at younger drivers. Still, if it goes into production, there is a very good chance that it may make it to GCC soil, as they already have an assembly plant in Saudi Arabia.

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