Nissan’s snazzy e-NV200 electric van to go into production

Nissan’s snazzy e-NV200 electric van to go into production

Nissan has announced that a 100% electric compact van, the e-NV200, will go into production at its Barcelona plant in 2013.

Bits of the front, the unique shade of blue and electric powertrain are conceptually borrowed from the Leaf, and what remains essentially belongs the existing NV200 van.

This e-van will deliver a driving range matching the Nissan LEAF on a single charge and similar performance, together with best-in-class running and maintenance costs.

The e-NV200 will become Nissan’s second all-electric vehicle (EV) following the launch of the multi-award winning Nissan LEAF in 2010. It aims to help Nissan become the world’s largest LCV manufacturer by 2016 as a key pillar of the Nissan Power 88 mid-term plan.

The current NV200 has already sold around 100,000 unit and it has been chosen as the next-generation New York City ‘Taxi of Tomorrow‘.

Currently, the prototype NV200-based electric vehicles are being tested in Europe.

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  1. Nissan van e-NV200, 100% electric and made in Barcelona. In FICOSA we make the parking brake system.

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