Land Rover planning factory in Saudi Arabia

Land Rover planning factory in Saudi Arabia

Indian-owned Land Rover has signed a “letter of intent” with Saudi Arabia’s National Industrial Clusters Development Programme, which could be the first step in opening their first factory in the Kingdom.

Land Rover and the Saudi government entity will now “begin a detailed feasibility study together, to determine the viability of setting up an automotive facility” with locally-sourced materials such as steel and aluminium. This means nothing is set in stone yet, so don’t get worried about Saudi-built Range Rovers just yet, at least not until 2017. However, you need to be worried about possible Range Rovers built in China and India soon, because those plans are surely going ahead as announced.

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  1. so does that means … china/india build range rover going to cost less ???? and btw, when did india took over range rovers ???? i thought it belongs to U.K …. O_O

    • Range Rover and China Chery Auto already established joint venture company in China this year, totally investment more than 7 billion Dhs.

  2. djsam, it happened a while back.
    you need to read the news more often 😉 hehe

  3. India has been building/Assembling Mercedes Benz cars since decades!! There is no point to worry if they start their plant in India.

    • Exactly, so what if Rangeys are manufactured in China and India, trained and professional Engineers will be working on them, not village folks.

      Mash, take back your words, unless its a matter of status symbol that worries you and someone asks you if your car was made in the UK or China X-P

    • Author

      Considering how “reliable” Range Rovers are known to be, this might actually be an improvement.

  4. The big question for me is will it be locals building these Range Rovers or are they going to bring in foreign (probably indian/pakistanis) to build them?

  5. Tata rover … Coming soon

  6. haha … Range Rover was taked over by BMW then Ford Then finally Tata …

  7. They would test all rangies by doing drifts :)))

  8. i think they used KSA to reduce the cost of manufacturing the car


  9. The model names are as following:
    1. Land rover tafheet
    2. Land rover hajwala

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