2014 BYD New F3 unveiled in the Sultanate of Oman

2014 BYD New F3 unveiled in the Sultanate of Oman

2014 BYD F3
Chinese-based company BYD has unveiled the 2014 New F3 in the Sultanate of Oman through their dealers MHD.

The vehicle will come with a 1.5-litre in-line 4-cylinder engine producing 107 hp and 145 Nm of torque. It will be driven by a 5-speed manual or an optional DCT automatic gearbox.

However, the vehicle justifies itself with standard features including smart key and push button start, leather seats, CD player with AUX+USB support and four speakers. Tick a few extra boxes and you’ll be getting the top end ‘DCTGS-i’ variant which includes alloy wheels, sunroof, steering mounted audio controls, DVD multimedia system, parking sensors, rear parking camera, 6 speakers and auto headlights. Standard safety features also include ABS with EBD and dual front airbags.

The four-door sedan will take a spot in the highly contested sub-compact sedan market dominated by the Toyota Yaris, Nissan Sunny and Hyundai Accent. But at 3650 Omani Riyals, about Dhs 36,500, the BYD may just be the cheapest vehicle loaded with such features. The BYD New F3 is available for purchase in Oman through dealers MHD. It will be released across other select Middle-East countries soon.

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  1. For that price I wonder how reliable all that tech is unless it’s a copy paste job which we all know Chinese brands are infamous for.

    • It is used as taxi in many Chinese city, I surprised saw one of their mileage 460,000 Km.
      And its plenty of heavy electricity driven bus has been purchased by US for public transportation.
      But the shape of all this company products imitate from Toyota.

  2. good god 36k!! how? and why?!!

    • Bcz the labor cost is one-quarter of Japan and US.
      Chinese government also give supports such as export tax rebate.

    • Also Because their is no RND, Just take an old Corolla, change some plastic parts like grill, lights, Logo, and thats it.
      Their early customers would be serving as LAB Rats for them.

  3. Hope this will not be like my ‘Made In China’ DVD player, which stopped after playing a couple of DVDs.

  4. what is most relevant and not mentioned at all here when it comes to chinese cars is safety..

    who cares about cheap add-ons if your loved-ones arent secure..

  5. i think there are no duplicate parts for chinese for safety……………… :p

  6. o’ well… I still remember Padmini premier rolling on Dubai streets or even the Lada…. that was advertised “made to last”….lool

    Russian came and failed, the Indians and now the Chinese…

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