2014 Honda Jazz gets Mugen attire

2014 Honda Jazz gets Mugen attire

2014 Honda Jazz Mugen
Over the years, Mugen has earned a reputation for creating some of the meanest looking and sounding Honda’s in the market. And it goes without saying, their new work on the new Jazz doesn’t disappoint, at-least on the design part.

Firstly, the tuner company will offer two types of front spoilers; an optional full aero bumper, and an under spoiler type. On top of that there will be add-ons like a front-under spoiler and side spoiler in either single or two-toned colour; body colour and matte black. An upper rear wing finished in carbon-fibre is also available for both the Jazz RS and S package.

Furthermore, Mugen also incorporates a sports silencer, sports suspension and upgraded brake pads. Mugen also adds an exclusive line of alloys in addition to the above. Then there’s the make-you-look-sporty wide-angled blue colour Hydrophilic LED mirror, semi-bucket “MS-Z”seats and “MS-R”full-bucket seat, assist meters equipped with water-temperature, oil-temperature, and oil pressure gauges oriented for sports driving and sports mats.

There’s no news on the release of the Mugen-tuned Jazz yet. But the odd one may make it to the GCC shores depending on customer interest and surely after the official release of the standard 2014 Honda Jazz.

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  1. Any idea on the engine spec?

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