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2015 Toyota Yaris Hatchback - this is the one for the GCC

2015 Toyota Yaris Hatchback – this is the one for the GCC

2015 Toyota Yaris Hatchback
From what we’ve gathered, there’s a new Toyota Yaris hatchback debuting this month in the GCC, and it won’t be the facelifted one that Europe got. It’ll likely be this one.

The attractive new Yaris hatchback seen here is the Thailand-built one that debuted for the Asian market in 2014. Unlike the previous Japanese-built one, this new one is a direct relative of the current Yaris sedan, right down to a shared interior. It is likely that the engine options will be shared as well, while price could go down by a tiny bit, if the dealers play it right.

The UAE launch will take place closer to the end of the month, which is when we’ll get a closer look and confirm the details.

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  1. This looks more sporty, more racier than the european one

  2. Hi Mash,
    This is the Toyota Yaris, we would be getting here in the UAE.
    It has already launched in Bahrain with this style of front end fascia.

    I doubt they would decide to sell it in two different models styles within the GCC.

  3. This one’s fugly too….but people will still buy them *sigh*

  4. This IS the new yaris. Had a look at it at the DFC showroom yesterday.

  5. Toyota is getting ’em right

  6. @Mash – In the basement bro! a friend works there and I was tagged along to have a look at it. There were 2 of them, one in red and one in the orange as in the pics above, both hatchbacks.

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