UAE car service intervals made every 10,000 km by law

UAE car service intervals made every 10,000 km by law


The Ministry of Economy announced recently that all cars must be serviced at every 10,000 km, effectively banning the 5,000 km intervals that several Japanese-brand car dealers follow, something that consumers have effectively thought of as a rip-off all these years. The decision was made to “uphold consumer interests.”

According to the new ruling, manufacturers and authorised car dealers have until the end of this year to comply with the decision.

Currently, very few companies follow the 5,000 km service intervals, namely the major Japanese-brand dealers. Most European and American brands already follow service intervals of 10,000 km or more.

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  1. in my its a good decision but i wonder will they cars be able to handle the viscosity of the 10k oil grade and what about the price difference between them

  2. Amaizing rule and bravo to UAE Ministery of Economy!

    Dear car dealers and their official work shops, “khallas” ripping-off us saying: We are convinced that making more often car services we will be able to see any issue with your car at earliest stage and will eliminate it.

    If Japanese cars (only those with service intervals each 5,000km) have triple chanses to break compare with the Germans (service each 15,000km), now is the good moment to revise their quality standarts! 😉

    • I see many German cars (15K Service) burned along the roadside only if the had proper standards according to region that shouldn’t had happened ..I stick with my point of view here in gulf in these harsh conditions 5K service is appropriate.. if it was some other region with moderate weather lengthy service interval would be better. What’s good in one region can’t be the same for other.

  3. al futaim already charges me for 550dhs for a 5K service for a corolla last time i asked for the 10K they asked for 200dhs extra so that thats a huge price rip off again

  4. This is a good move for people clocking more than market average of 20-20K kms annually. Twice a year or 10K visit to the service center is much convenient.

    If we do the math, 5k service of some Japanese brands end up slightly more than the others who follow 10K service schedules. Not quite economical then. Some of them even uses engine oils sold in petrol stations and charge premium servicing cost

  5. It was always an option with the dealers. The moment you opt for 10000km intervals they will put semi synthetic oil instead of normal oil and will charge extra. I was kind of fooled into take a service contract for 40000kms(8 services with 5000kms interval) by Mitsubishi and after a couple of service I found out that they are only changing oil at 10000km intervals and are using semi synthetic oil. So alternate 5000 they are just receiving my car and keeping it there for a day and returns it after a good wash :-D. Anyways I have 10000 kms left with them and then I am done with it. How to loose a customer – short course by habtoor motors 😀

    • First of all thank you @Nav C for your comments. I am buying Montero Sport from Al Habtoor and I am confused whether to go for a service contract or not. They are offering 3 years and upto 55000kms for 4990 AED. And I am taking under some offer where already I am being offered free service upto 6 months or 10000kms. Could you please advise me. Thanks in advance.

    • If you are planning to service at al habtoor motors,buy the service contract because each individual service costs are too high.everytime you go there the advisor will ask whether u want ac clean service forAED 250. Just say NO and ask them to do what is there in the service package.

  6. Its a good move by the Ministry of Economy, and i’m sure 99% of the people who do 5K interval service will welcome it. A 10K service interval was one of the main reasons why I chose a Chevy since I do a lot of kms. I also wonder why the Japanese brands here don’t follow a capped price servicing scheme. Chevrolet UAE openly mentions the service prices on their website and from personal experience with my car, they have never deviated from that.

    I guess a lot of people in the UAE are under the misconception that Toyotas are the only reliable cars ever made. Or is it reliable only because it has to be serviced every 5K?

    Personally I would prefer the added piece of mind of another fixed financial factor (service cost) to take into consideration outside of a vehicle’s initial purchase price rather than the mythical reliability status.

  7. What has the Ministry of Economy to do in this… can’t they come with with some thing creative.. rather than trying to prove they are active… I don’t remember any “Agency” denying 10K service… now they will make more money so what’s the point in introducing 10K service interval … they should rather regulate on fixing the service price not days, months, kilometers.

  8. Mash can we contact MOE as Honda are still charging for 5k service intervals and they refuse to believe such law has been implemented.

  9. Unbeliveble how some of the dealers try to make some more money ’till the last moment. 10k km interval is great but let’s not forget that 15k km is now standard pretty much anywhere else.
    Some of the car manufacturers have even 25k km intervals. Motor oils have come a long way….The customer should choose what oil to put in the car as long as it’s the one recommended for that engine.

  10. Since I service my 2014 Accord with Honda regularly @5K km, upon asking for the 10K km servicing effective from 2016, the service advisor replies that it’s applicable for vehicles of MY 2016 onwards.
    The rest 2015 & below need to service @ 5K km.

  11. I recently serviced my accord at Honda and was told service @ 10k is applicable for vehicles sold after 01-01-2016. They are using 5w30 synthetic engine oil. So wondering why the need for service @ 5km.

    • Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury

      If they’re using synthetic, then there is definitely no need to go every 5k km.

    • Agency just making money that it, better to ask them refill synthetic engine oil so no need to go every 5k km. before my hyundai tucson agent give me option for 5k or 10k & i always go for 10k because its take long time to go there drop your car for half day. also good for your engine

  12. A 5litre can of good quality oil like castrol or Mobil, etc would just cost you about 200 Dhs, which has additional additives for prolonged engine life and original filter from a spare parts shop just 25 – 50 Dhs. Take your car to any garage and just pay the mechanic 20 Dhs to do it for you or you do it yourself. If you use normal oil which mostly these Japanese dealers do then it will just cost you under 150 Dhs.

  13. Took a service contract with Nissan for my Tiida; 60K kms / 3 yrs
    Contract claims to cover brake discs, pads, fluids, wiper, hoses
    The only parts they have replaced are the filters, wiper & the usual 5000km service oil change.
    Now that I am about to cross the 60K kms they refuse to replace brakes claiming they still have some life left.
    Paid AED 6,600 for the contract. Definitely not worth it.
    Asked them to do the final service for the 10K km interval so next service would be due at 70K. Nissan refused and asked me to pay 200 dhs to migrate from the 5k to 10k interval. Dont understand the point in buying the contract and paying over and above.
    Not interested in extending the service contract. Better to pay for individual services.
    Is Nissan the only one ripping off customers?

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