Dubai International Motor Show 2015: Photo coverage

Dubai International Motor Show 2015: Photo coverage


The Dubai Motor Show, held every two years at the Dubai World Trade Centre, is back for 2015 larger than ever, with a whole host of regional debuts for new models. Some of the more interesting launches included the Ford GT and Ford Mustang GT350R, VW Golf GTI Clubsport and Passat, Peugeot 308 GTI, W Motors Fenyr Supersport, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder and Aventador SV, Toyota Prius, Lexus RX, Bentley Bentayga, Chrysler 200, Audi RS3 Sportback and Lotus Evora 400. The Chinese contingent is larger than ever, mainly catering to the entry-level segment, while smaller sections have been dedicated to bikes, tuners and classic cars.

Photos by Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury.

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  1. Was 2016 FJ cruiser there on display?

    • Author

      There’s no change.

    • Hey mashfique!
      Well there are changes in the 2016 fj vxr trim and extreme(I’m not completely sure if these were present on the 2015 model)
      Vxr trim:(additional features)aed 150900
      Front parking sensors
      Two tone leather seats
      Blind spot detection
      Rear traffic cross alert

      Extreme trim (all the options in the vxr trim except the 4 options mentioned above)aed 1589000 but includes
      Bushwacker fender flares
      Catbac exhaust system
      Fox suspension with eibach springs
      Bfg Goodrich tires 257/70 r16 with black rims
      Hood scoop
      Smoked out turn signals and taillights
      Some parts are matted out instead of chrome

      Even the gxr is well kitted…especially the inbuilt air compressor
      I just wished the fj had a trip computer and better key fobs with engine starter. ..otherwise it’s very good buy.. Just booked the extreme in black!!
      However there is a 3-4 weeks waiting period for the 2016 fj for all trims and extreme has only 3 colours…hope these details narrow it down for fj buyers…

    • Rear cross traffic alert (RCTA)**

    • Author

      Those sound like dealer-installed accessories. Thanks for the info.

    • No probz….well the extreme versions are modded by artic trucks..I’ve also heard that u can take ur fj’s directly to artic trucks instead of buying them from toyota.

  2. when new hyundai elantra and creta launch?

  3. any idea what cars the yellow one from pic 43 and the blue one from pic 47 were?



  6. Mash, was the 2016 Honda Civic on display ?

  7. I saw from another media 2016 Or 2017 Chevrolet Malibu was displayed.. Pic was posted

  8. Was Tesla there? I guess not! Perhaps, oil economies are the last places on earth where they want to show off their electric cars! They had a huge stand with cut away car models and all in Geneva motor show this year.

  9. I was at the show and saw no Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Porsche 918 or La Ferrari. Surprised!

  10. Did Lexus display the 2016 GS/GSF @ the Dubai motor show ?

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