2012 Ford Focus 2.0 Hatchback

2012 Ford Focus 2.0 Hatchback

The Good:
– Stylish inside and out
– Good ride and handling
– Class-leading engine
The Bad:
– Pricey with options
– Average rear legroom
– Noticeable road noise

When is an American car really a German car with an American badge? When it is a Ford Focus. The Focii that come to the Middle East are all built in the same country that ships you overpriced metal with premium badges. And for the first time ever, the American immigrant actually acts likes a German citizen.

In terms of styling, the new Focus looks great. Pointy details, metallic trim and 17-inch wheels were used to great effect in our well-specced test car. Also available in 1.6-litre sedan form, we hear that only the hatchback can be optioned up with the 2.0-litre engine, the sporty suspension and the fancy gadgets. It is put together flawlessly for the most part, aside from a couple of slightly-misaligned window-trim pieces that most would ignore anyway.

The interior is very futuristic to the point of overdone. We like it that way, as well as the fact that even the base model gets a fancy-looking stereo deck. Our premium model had an upgraded piano-black Sony deck. The dash top and upper door sills in the front are lined with cushy soft-touch materials, although the rear doors get hard plastic sills. We noticed that the base model gets hard-plastic upper sills up front as well, but then again, the door inserts and armrests on all versions are nicely padded. From the driver’s seat though, this is the nicest cockpit we’ve ever seen in this class.

Space is excellent up front, while the rear is just about adequate for medium-height riders, though very obviously less than cars such as the Honda Civic and the VW Jetta when it comes to legroom. The front seats in our car’s cloth-upholstered cabin were nicely bolstered, while the rear has a typical split-folding bench with three headrests. The Focus finally gets four useful cup-holders too, along with a central armrest cubby and pockets on all doors. The boot is decent in length as well as very deep, but we especially liked the four grocery-bag hooks back there. Some of the ergonomics are a bit weird though, with the overhead-light buttons placed right above the driver’s head, while the central armrest is situated too far back.

Our Focus was fitted with the usual power accessories we’ve now come to expect in compact cars as well as some unexpected ones. Like two full-colour screens, one between the gauges and one on top of the centre console, both configurable with the million steering-wheel buttons. There is also Bluetooth, sunroof, cruise control with speed limiter, front and side airbags, and a decent CD/MP3 stereo with USB/AUX ports in the glovebox. It also came with a dual-zone a/c that was unstressed in December weather but had no rear vents, while there is a keyless-start button but the key-fob lock/unlock buttons still need to be used.

We asked for the 2.0-litre 4-cylinder version, which is the only direct-injection engine offered on a GCC-spec compact car aside from, perhaps, the VW Golf. It packs an impressive 168 hp at 6500 rpm and 203 Nm of torque at 4450 rpm, sending power to the front wheels via a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. The 1334-kilo hatchback moves well, as we clocked a 0-100 kph time of 9.5 seconds, never feeling as slow as other cars in this segment. The smooth-enough gearbox allows for manual inputs via thumb-buttons on the shifter, placed there simply as an afterthought. Leaving the shifter in sport mode is more fun. Otherwise, fuel economy was expectedly good, as we were averaging a solid 8 litres/100 km according to the trip computer.

It handles rather well, as we’ve come to expect from the Focus. One of the few remaining compacts to still feature four-wheel-independent suspension, body roll is unnoticeable on most corners, while grip is pretty good from the 215/50 tyres. The car simply understeers smoothly when pushed, and can even be made to slide out its tail a bit when swung on purpose. The ABS-enabled disc brakes are decent enough, while the sharp moderately-weighted steering offers up some feedback. There’s even a proper handbrake, should you feel like yanking on it inappropriately.

Surprisingly, Ford has managed to smoothen out the ride too. The new Focus feels a lot like a midsized Fusion on the highway, sailing over most road surfaces, with that slight tinge of firmness typical of cars with low-profile tyres. Wind noise and engine rumble are kept at bay as well, but road noise is definitely noticeable. Also, while forward visibility is excellent thanks to thin frontal A-pillars, the view out the small rear window is ridiculously limited due to the swoopy styling. It’s probably a good thing then, that our car came with the automated parallel parking feature that uses front and rear sensors to steer the car perfectly into a roadside gap, given enough space.

The Ford Focus 2.0 is pricey for its segment, but it is the first compact we’ve driven in a long time that didn’t feel like a chore. In fact, it is just a few steps shy of being a hot hatch. And then we remembered that sportier Focii do exist in Europe that don’t make it here. If only they did. But the one we drove is almost worth the premium price.

Price Range:
Dh 80,000-90,000

Current Model Introduced in:

Body Styles:
5-door hatchback

2.0L 168 hp Inline-4 / 203 Nm

6-speed automatic


Front: independent
Rear: independent

Front: discs
Rear: discs

Curb Weight:
1334 kg

4359 mm

2649 mm

Top Speed:
194 kph(limited)

Test Acceleration 0-100 kph:
9.5 sec.

Observed Test Fuel Economy:
8.0 litres/100km

What do you think?



  1. Prices kill them hot hatchbacks…

  2. that’s a bit too pricy for a compact sedan…?

  3. Just a few quick doubts, Mash:

    1) @ the Ford factor: were they making us drive the 1.6L or 2.0L Focus hatchback?

    2)is the 1.6L, a carryover from the previous model?

    3)with 160hp & direct injection, 9.5 seconds seems a bit too slow, don’t you think?

    • Author

      Against a Figo? Guess. The new 1.6L has almost 125 hp. The 2.0L’s 0-100 kph is as expected, quicker than the Civic and the Camry.

    • At the public event, they weren’t trialing with the FIGO. They only gave the Focus, so dint knw which one it was. If the drive on the 1.6 was good, I guess the direct injection, 2.0L should be really good.

      Even better than a Camry,eh? nice. Could you update the prices of the 1.6L as well.

  4. I visited showroom got price 1.6 basic model is 62000AED, and II option is 68000 AED, with Sunroof and allloy wheel.

  5. 2.0L 168BHP is in mondeo & Fusion teritory.
    Fusion 2.4L almost 175 BHP
    Mondeo 2.3L with 161 BHP

    So the price of 80,000 for top end model is actually not much, considering the features and new engine.

  6. Dear Sir,

    please let me know regarding the price for full options.

    Thank you,

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am hearing a not so good comments regarding Ford cars. They were saying that spare parts are pricey and hard to find outside of the dealers. I’m about to buy this car and i am having second thoughts because of those comments. I really like the car and the way it handles on the road. Very good handling, suspension and steering response and also a topnotch interior. I’m confused. Please advice….

    • Author

      If you’re buying any new car, you shouldn’t be shopping for spare parts outside the dealer. The warranty will be voided.

  8. Dear Sir

    What is the price of the titanium top end model?

  9. Is the acceleration for the 1.6 engine models as quic ka s say the civic?

  10. Dear sir, I am planning to go the hatch back. Can you tell me how many options hey cone in and their prices?

  11. Why nobody is talking about the sedan? Is it bad or not popular.

  12. does titanium model come with upgraded piano-black Sony deck as shown above or with standard stereo?

  13. ya i saw the car it has sony stereo

  14. dear sir,
    i have booked ford focus titanium model
    i just want to know about the A/C in summer because i have heard that the A/C of ford cars r not so gud so just clearify with this issue???

  15. What is the price for the 5 Door Sport? Any difference between it and the Titanium ?

  16. Hi, I work at Al Tayer Motors –
    The Titanium is 92000, Sport is 82000, Trend is 72000, Ambiente is 66000.
    I’ve just bought myself the Titanium, and its amazing. Nice and quick, handles amazingly and gets great mileage.


  17. Anyone of you saw the negative comments on youtube about ford focus 2012? i wonder if it were all true on ford focus here in uae? i’m about to buy a ford focus ambient 2012. help please….

    • Author

      You’ll have to elaborate on what you’ve heard. The GCC-spec Focii here come from Germany, not USA.

  18. Hi All I want to buy this car but I am asking about the Ac is it very good for our hot weather
    Any one can tell me the price for 2.0 hatchback sel 2012 model
    Thanks in advanced

  19. hi all:

    do any body have complains regarding power shift Transmission system of FOCUS 2012 in UAE?

    • Author

      Some complain of a little jerkiness at low speeds, but that’s just how it works, so you have to get used to it if you buy one.

  20. thanks Mr. Mashfique.
    i have consider it and inshallah, buy it as soon as possible. here in saudi, Al jazira is offering 5y/200000 km waranty. as far as comfort/safety/style/ride is concern, i found it perfect in its class without considering re-sale aspect.
    warm regards

  21. Hello everyone, i’m planning to buy the new focus sedan 2012, it’s 1.6 litter, manual tranmission. I would love to ask you brothers about the car, need your advice ^_^ . Consider that i’m traviling every weekend about 400 KM go and back. Do you think it is a good choice to buy ?

    Thank you
    Aziz ^_^

  22. Hi there ..

    I drive it myself to 210km and it is not the limit yet.

    so correct the information please !!

  23. Ford Focus is really nice car in safety, stability, image sides
    but the price of spare parts kills it that the reason of low re-sale value for most of Ford models,
    I think the guy who is pricing the ford’s parts should be hanging 🙂

  24. i have a 2012 ambiente base model. there is a USB port in the glove box but without the AUX Input. How do i install a AUX Input?

    Any suggestion where i can go for seat covers and replacement of stereo unit with gps?

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