2011 Ford Edge Sport

2011 Ford Edge Sport

The Good:
– Unique front-end styling
– Cabin space and features
– Good ride and handling
The Bad:
– Offroad capability
– Voice-controlled computer
– Tyres will be expensive

Sometimes an update is all that is needed to turn a middling product into something that is actually worth considering. The first-generation Ford Edge came out in 2007 and sold very well, but it was simply a low-quality alternative to the class-leading Nissan Murano, what with its average driving dynamics, poor a/c and hard plastics all over, made enticing only by its lower price. Come 2011, and all that changes with just a “simple” facelift. The new Edge, particularly in Sport trim, has become a car that can actually turn heads and surprise people.

The top-shelf Ford Edge Sport is a very special model, being the only Edge trim level fitted with the larger 3.7-litre V6 unit instead of the standard 3.5-litre one. To celebrate that distinction, the Sport looks the part, with a blacked-out front grille and what has to be the largest factory-fitted wheels in history. Slapping on 22-inch alloys on any car makes it look like an aftermarket special. And that’s cool.

The cabin is a huge improvement over the older one, in every possible way. Soft-touch materials line the upper dash, while cushy door inserts and padded armrests keep things feeling premium, even if the upper door sills are still hard plastic. Build quality is perfect, even though a couple of edges feel a bit unfinished. The panoramic roof lights up the cabin nicely, but there is also mood lighting emanating from various nooks and crannies, and that too in as many as ten interchangeable colours.

The leathery seats offer mild bolstering, not exactly sporting, but of course spacious, with good legroom even in the back. The rear bench can recline or split-fold down, but not fully flat. Cargo floor area is generous in the boot, but volume is limited a bit by the sloping rear window. The tailgate is electrically operated, but the system for that seems to be an afterthought, with a huge hydraulic pillar on one side of the boot opening handling the deed. There are cup-holders front and back, with various storage cubbies and useful pockets on all doors too, as well as a “floating” centre console cribbed from former sister-company Volvo that has storage space behind the stereo controls.

But the real brag-worthy feature of the 2011 Edge is of course the new-generation multimedia system known as “MyFord Touch” or “Sync” or something. A big touchscreen offers access to the superbly-banging Sony CD/MP3 stereo, any connected iPod, dual-zone a/c settings, rear camera, Bluetooth phone and even a calendar via a pretty interface. Ironically, there is no navigation. Widely touted is the voice-control system that can dial phones and change radio stations simply by being told to, but we could only make it work part of the time, as it only understands perfect American accents. Ford also chose to replace the entire console of a/c and stereo controls below the screen with touch-sensitive “buttons” too, which means having to look down to change the a/c fan speed. A bigger ergonomic flaw is that the hazard triangle button is also touch-sensitive and placed right below the touchscreen, so we inadvertently kept pressing it every time we fiddled with the screen while driving. All in all, getting used to such a setup will take a while.

At least Ford got the basics right, with extra stereo controls on the steering wheel, dual LCD screens on the gauge cluster showing various info, a seemingly stronger a/c with rear vents, remote starter, full keyless entry and starter button, a full set of airbags, cruise control and even a keypad to unlock the car without the key if needed. There is even a full set of video input ports, two USB ports and even an SD card reader in the central cubby, and the USB ports even recharges your device! Oddly enough, even the loaded Sport cannot be had with HID headlights and adaptive cruise control, those features apparently reserved for the Edge Limited trim.

New to the fold is a 3.7-litre V6 straight out of the base Mustang. The Sport gets to play with 305 hp at 6500 rpm and 379 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, fed to all four wheels via a smooth 6-speed automatic. There are even paddle shifters to manually change gears, and they work well even if very slightly delayed in responses. We managed to coax a 0-100 kph time of 7.6 seconds in November weather, not exactly a rocket, but much quicker than the outgoing Ford Edge and even the Nissan Murano. It never feels fast due to inadequate low-end torque, but it moves the Edge’s 2033 kilos of bulk with reasonable haste when the revs get going. We also burned fuel at a rate of 15.6 litres/100 km, about par for a midsize 4×4.

With tyres as wide as 265/40 on optional 22-inch dubs, grip is a given. With supposed “sport tuned” suspension, our Edge had very good body control, with less roll than the old Edge, and superbly neutral handling, safely understeering at the limit as the turns got tighter. It isn’t a sports car however, with its average brakes and steering that’s firm yet limited in feel. A cackle of electronic aids, including ESC and ABS, keep things in check should you push the trucklet too far. Tyres for those wheels will be very expensive once it comes time to replace them.

Driving it around town is largely non-eventful, but the low driving position and long dashboard offer limited outward visibility. The view out the rear isn’t much better, but the rear camera and sensors make parking easy. And blind-spot monitors combined with ridiculously oversized mirrors make highway cruising safe.

Even with tyres that thin, the ride was surprisingly compliant and actually more comfortable than any offroad-ready midsize 4×4 with fatter tyres. It soaked up most road surfaces with ease and did so with minimal road noise or wind intrusion. Giving up on offroad capability makes this crossover behave better on the road than any regular SUV. It might have all-wheel-drive, but that’ll be more useful for rainy weather rather than blazing sandy trails, what with the low front bumper. There is no low-range gearing and such.

Ford continues its run as the most successful U.S. automaker currently, avoiding bankruptcy and consistently improving on its products. The Edge is oceans better than the old one, and is an interesting test-bed of new-age multimedia tech that is still rough around the edges, but can be upgraded any time, just like Windows on a laptop. We hear the computer might get a software update in the future to recognise more “local” accents, which would really fix the only issue in a vehicle that is mechanically at the top of its class already.

Price Range:
Dh 149,900-155,000

Current Model Introduced in:

Body Styles:
5-door wagon

3.7L 305 hp V6 / 379 Nm

6-speed automatic


Front: independent
Rear: independent

Front: discs
Rear: discs

Curb Weight:
2033 kg

4717 mm

2824 mm

Top Speed:
200 kph(limited)

Test Acceleration 0-100 kph:
7.6 sec.

Observed Test Fuel Economy:
15.6 litres/100km

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  1. Dear Mashfique,
    I’ve read some of your articles..mostly on crossovers since I want to upgrade (?) from my Honda CR-V to something better and I must say I am totally confused on which one to buy. My CR-V served me well but I was always frustrated with the road/wind noise when i cruised at 120-140 kph. I am not much of an off-roader but I do ‘burn’ the emirates road on a daily basis since I work in Dubai but live in RAK. Kindly suggest a decent SUV that is classy with a premium feel interior that fits within my budget of AED 150 k. Thanks and cheers.

    • Author

      You can take a look at this one, if you only need five seats. There is a new CR-V coming out this week as well.

    • Shaji,
      I had the same problem with my previous SUV. I am working in Abu Dhabi and living in Dubai. When I drive at over 120kmph , noise ruins my comfort.
      recently I bought Edge Sport 2012. it is awesome. very comfortable. no disturbance from outside noise. also seat adjustments will give you comfort for long drives. also i must say the voice commanding features will definitely improve the safety.

      I bought it for 154k

  2. Thanks for the reply Mashfique. Just one quick question. If you had to choose between the 2012 Ford Edge Limited and the 2012 GMC Terrain which would you opt for? Or do you rather think that the 2012 Ford Explorer is better than both? Cheers

  3. Hi Mashfique, If you had a choice between this and the Grand Jeep Cherokee, which one be better. I am not talking about a family guy though, so space is not my least concern.

  4. Hi Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury

    Please send the price of Ford Edge SEL 12 and Ford Explorer XLT 332,If you had a choice between this what you will prefer as first choice and why

    Hope u can reply soon


  5. Just recently checked out the Ford Edge Limited myself and was pretty impressed. But am a little concerned abt the airconditioning. Heard that you could get into trouble with that soon enough. Any thoughts on that? that’s the only thing at the moment that stops me from buying the car.

  6. Thanks for the reply sudheera. Just happened to read it today. Yeah, i was going to have a look at the ford explorer as well…or maybe settle on the ford edge sport cos that fits the budget. My main concern was a smooth quiet ride. Thanks for that info. Cheers

  7. Dr Shaji , which car did u eventually buy?

  8. hi Mashfique

    i have daily commute between dubai/abu dhabi .

    Being a Civil Engineer , i have to do minor offroading at site-usually we always have sand compacted

    i have a family of a wife and 2 kids .wife drives

    i am planning for an edge or an explorer

    Fuel consumption also matters

    please advise

  9. when I went thru the above concerns I was quiet sure am alone in this ‘thinking race’ when buying a new SUV.I agree with ‘average jap cars not built for comfort’I am using RAV4 which gives me same noisy comfort as Dr.Shaji&Sudheera.I am a comfort geek with a small family and not a long car fan. My current tufftask is choosing a new SUV between ‘FORD EDGE”GMC TERRIAN”NEW RAV4’&’JEEP GC’.
    Can above gentlemen thro light and help me out.
    thank you
    md kadri

  10. Dears

    i am looking for a vehicle which i can drive long drive like 250 km per day and my budget is 100000 aed

    advice pleaseew

    i have some options 1. honda accord 2. ford edge 3. nissan altima 4. volkswagen passan

    please advice

  11. Salam

    Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury

    I lives in KSA , and iam not a high earning person ,But i can manage to purchase a Edge sport 2012/13 , Like to confirm the below concerns.
    1. After using an edge for couple of years interior looses his tounch and make noise during minor off roading or even on the road.
    2.three years uses will make the engines get heat in summer.
    Apperciate your quick replay

  12. Dear Mr. Mashfique Hussain Chowdhury,

    I have limited budget but i can manage to buy Ford Edge SEL04 2014 at 115,000 (ford has offered attractive price since the design has changed for 2015 model) with 60K km/3year service and 100K km/5year warranty, my real concern is with maintenance, warranty after 60K km and 100K KM respectively as i drive 120 KM+ in a day.

    my target is to drive the car till 200K km in 5 year and then sale it, how much resale i would expect at that time?

    Your advice will be highly appreciated.

  13. Is it true that the ford edge is discontinued in UAE .

    I can see that the new model is already unveiled in US

    can botany clarify the query ????

  14. Hi all!
    I had just discovered on Google search, its quite interesting that people had dropped their reviews about SUV.
    I am planning to buy SUV, kindly advice which SUV will be as economically good?

    Rather than i loves to have edge but its AWD, & i wanted to have 4×4.
    So you guys let me advice which vehicle i should go for…

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