2013 Honda Accord 2.4 EX

2013 Honda Accord 2.4 EX

The Good:
– Spacious well-appointed cabin
– Good ride and safe handling
– Good fuel economy
The Bad:
– Pricey with options
– Above-average road noise
– No tiptronic for auto gearbox

The Honda Accord had, for decades, been at the top of its class. That’s not saying much, in a class that was made up of dullards like the Toyota Camry and the Hyundai Sonata. But then those dullards suddenly blossomed into competent cars in their latest iteration. The new-for-2013 Accord has a tougher fight on its hands nowadays, especially since it has somehow become one of the more expensive offerings in a budget-conscious segment.

On the outside, the changes initially seem limited, especially since Honda has obviously used the old model as a base for this one. But on closer inspection, every body panel is different from the roof down, and apparently it now benefits from a stiffer frame and lighter weight as well. With the sharper new headlights with standard LEDs as well as detailed LED tail lamps, the Accord looks a whole lot better than before, and could pass off for a premium car, even if some of the design elements appear derivative of other brands. Our only criticism would be that the rear bumper on the 2.4-litre model looks unfinished with only one exhaust tip, as the dual outlets are reserved for only the V6 model.

2013 Honda Accord EX 7

The cabin in our top-spec 4-cylinder tester was very nicely done, much cleaner than the cluster-fudge that was the old model. While Honda has snuck in more hard-plastic bits on the door panels, they’ve also bumped up the amount of cushy trim in other areas, with padded leatherette extending all the way up to the window-sills on all doors, nicely-padded armrests, and a soft-touch dash top with slivers of faux wood. Even the steering-wheel wrapping feels “Germanic” while driving.

Cabin space is good enough to fit basketball players, so no issues there. The boot is big as well, with little details like grocery-bag hooks and plastic covers to hide the wiring along the goose-neck hinges. Little details like that set the Accord apart from cheaper sedans, although the rear seat only folds down in one piece rather than split-fold. And they did delete the cover for the front cup-holders, but there are covered cup-holders in the rear, several other covered cubbies up front, and pockets on all the doors.

That big LCD screen on the dash is standard, but the information displayed on it may vary, depending on trim level. On our fully-optioned car, it showed everything from radio stations to navigation. There’s even a little colour touchscreen below the big main screen to control the stereo and phone, which initially seems like an afterthought put in to compete with Ford’s MyTouch, although there is already a rotary-joystick thing lower on the centre console, like BMW’s iDrive. And yet, it’s actually easier to use than either of those aforementioned systems, with its intuitive interface, sensitive touchscreen and big icons, with a keyboard appearing for inputting navigation destinations. Mind you, it can be delayed at times, like taking a second to change or shut-off the music after you press an icon, although the steering-wheel buttons are there to take the slack.

Other features in our EX included all the usual power accessories, front-side-curtain airbags, smart keyless entry and start, cruise control, sunroof, strong dual-zone a/c with rear vents, average CD/MP3 stereo with Bluetooth streaming, phone and USB/AUX ports, rear parking sensors, rear camera with guiding lines, both power-adjustable front seats, electric rear sun-blind and halogen headlights. But you have to move up to the V6 model to get rear-side window shades and, amazingly enough, full LED headlights.

2013 Honda Accord EX 4

In an unanticipated move, Honda chose to skip their new direct-injection 4-cylinder engine with CVT automatic for the GCC region, in favour of carrying over the previous 2.4-litre inline-4 with a 5-speed automatic. With a few tweaks, it now makes 173 hp at 6300 rpm and 226 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, which is slightly less power and slightly more torque than before. Naturally, it isn’t quick, but it is fairly adequate, as we clocked it doing the 0-100 kph run in 9.2 seconds with a wheelspinning launch during our February test. Leave the ESP on, and it takes longer than 10 seconds.

The gearbox is lacking in speeds compared to the competition and doesn’t even have a proper tiptronic system, but it’s very responsive and we liked the way it changed gears as we’d expect it, instead of acting lazy or economical at inopportune moments. Even then, we managed an indicated 9.3 litres/100 km of fuel consumption in mixed driving, something the Toyota Camry can only manage with a lot of highway cruising.

The ride quality is smooth enough, at least on par with most of the Accord’s Japanese-branded rivals, if not better. It rides softly, with a hint of floatiness, but there are no bouncy rebounds. The cabin is kept reasonably noise-free at highway speeds, although we feel certain American brands do the “quietness” thing better. The Accord lets in more of the road noise than we’d like, and it becomes especially noticeable beyond 120 kph. On the other hand, the Accord comes with active noise cancellation to muffle engine noise, and we can attest that it works wonderfully.

Under the skin, the big news is Honda’s switch to a MacPherson strut front suspension instead of the fancy double-wishbone setup previously, with a multi-link rear. It’s impossible for us to notice the difference though, and Honda was likely counting on that. The Accord’s handling is safely neutral in sharp direction changes, with good body control and no untoward swings of the tail like we found in the Kia Optima. There is a bit of body roll, but there’s decent grip from the 225/50 tyres that wrap the 17-inch alloys on our test car.

What we also liked were the controls. While there was some concern with Honda’s decision to switch to electric power steering for this new model, they’ve done a decent job of giving the wheel a little bit of weight and retaining a bit of feel, better than BMW even. The accelerator is responsive and the brake pedal is linearly weighted, unlike the robotic mess in Volkswagens. The ABS-assisted brakes themselves are good enough for the daily commute and the occasional hard stop.

Compared to its closest rivals, the American-built Honda Accord may appear expensive based on the specs-sheet alone, but getting behind the wheel of one exudes a certain amount of “premium” feel that almost justifies the dealer mark-up. Mind you, it isn’t the best midsize sedan ever, but Honda’s judicious use of quality materials and attention to detail is something that only the keenest of car-buyers will notice when cross-shopping with its main rivals. And that’s enough to satisfy those who took the plunge and bought one, while the rest flock towards other brands in search of a better deal.

Price Range:
Dh 89,000-120,000

Current Model Introduced in:

Body Styles:
4-door sedan

2.4L 173 hp Inline-4 / 226 Nm

5-speed automatic


Front: independent
Rear: independent

Front: discs
Rear: discs

Curb Weight:
1540-1555 kg

4890 mm

2775 mm

Top Speed:
208 kph(limited)

Test Acceleration 0-100 kph:
9.2 sec.

Observed Test Fuel Economy:
9.3 litres/100km

What do you think?



  1. 9.3 litres/100 km < Is that a good figure for an I-4?

  2. Dealer saying that there is no cvt for UAE 2013 model. please confirm.

    • “In an unanticipated move, Honda chose to skip their new direct-injection 4-cylinder engine with CVT automatic for the GCC region, in favour of carrying over the previous 2.4-litre inline-4 with a 5-speed automatic.”

  3. @Mash There have been some reported problems of the Nav and audio freezing until the car is restarted. Notice such anything with your test car ?

    • Author

      At one time, it seemed like it was frozen, but really it’s a complicated system where you have to know what to press to get out of certain screens. I just started pressing everything.

  4. It has most out dated specs than its rivals. None of the new models of any brand is using 5 speed automatic.

  5. So looks like its rival such as the Altima and Camry would give a better fuel economy, they offer Triptronic and the price aint bad either, i dont find any reason to buy THIS accord over them.

  6. hi guys
    matter of fact is shape of the car is cool. specification quit similar to other but Honda has his fan club which are huge numbers in uae.I wish good luck for all new buyers of this 2013. as per my opinion Toyota (Avalon) is the best car to move long long time & 2013 model is very cool interior and exterior.

  7. Drove the top spec camry and let me tell you folks, it totally KILLS the accord as far as speed is concerned. The base accord is an absolute rip off. For just 105K you get a loaded camry (leather seats, navigation, rear view camera) etc, not to mention, an excellent fuel economy and some serious power too. Don’t know why anyone would go for the accord !!

    Mind you, I have the 2009 2.4 accord and the camry is wayy wayy faster and more economical !

  8. I wanted to know if 3.5 Accord Coupe is good compared to other cars with its price point.I wanted to buy a coupe,and loved the Accord Coupe design.Are there any coupe’s better than Accord?And is AED 135,000 worth the price?

  9. @raj go for 370z for 145k new n won’t won’t ever be driving a floppy coup altima or Accord

  10. I own an accord (2.4 LX) from last 3 months , Here are my ownership experience up to now.

    Engine & gearbox are perfectly tailored for every day driving and you would not feel any lack of power with 4 Cylinder. It is very smooth and quiet in its operation , feels a class above. It is giving me a consistent mileage of 9~9.5L /100 Km in combined driving with lot city driving and idling.

    The ergonomics are perfect with excellent visibility and the car is very comfortable over long distances But the tyre’ s have some noise on some roads But nothing to complain about.

    The ride and handling is again perfect in normal driving with sense of sportiness But not really sporty. The Steering is accurate & light with slight feedback & feel which makes the car really easy car to drive in city but lacks the connected feel at high speeds.

    The car is very well built with a premium feel but looks very outdated & boring already. The music system though looks hi tech is very basic and sounds average.

    Overall the car is very good But could have been better If the steering was much heavier and direct , Also they could have given some more gadgetry & better hardware’s like 6 Speed Auto with Sport mode and paddle shifters at this price.

  11. why in the F did they pass on the (pretty-good) CVT and ED amazing engines?! what were they thinking? for crying out loud the engine and transmission are the best part of the new accord! i now realize why you guys didn’t really dig the car, it is the old model with some make up!

    • It’s whole lot a different car than the the old..Dont compare the spec and comment…

      The engines are really excellent…

  12. it is worth mentioning that a 4 cylinder US-model with the ED engine and CVT goes from 0-100 KM in 7.4-7.6 seconds, 6.8-6.5 for the I4 sport model and 5.4-5.9 for the V6 sedan/coupe model.

  13. Hi,
    I bought new accord LX-B a few days ago and felt wind noise thru my door even at 100kph. Pl tell anyone if its normal.

    • @Waqar!
      I have new Kia Cerato and experienced the similar sound when at high speeds and strong winds, it feels annoying and wierd. But in Accord too…. That’s really a worry!

  14. It’s not normal , It can happen If strong wind was blowing against you.

    But ,If it is existing all the time , you may have to check with the dealer.

  15. Is it true that all Accord variants (be it inline 4 or V6) are electronically limited at 208km/h? I tried giving a 2011 Accord the beans in KSA but it wasn’t going over 208km/h (the speedo was somewhat closer to 215km/h though).

  16. Hi,I am interested to know hiw Honda accord
    Compares with fusion of ford .
    Wud appreciate any inputs

    • I test drove both a couple of days ago and prefer the Accord mainly due to the engine. Ford’s new Fusion has a 2.5 engine that simply seemed lazy when you try to accelerate, so the drive is fine if you’re not someone who wants to push the peddle a bit, not so good for people who need to drive around and enjoy a bit of sportiness. Apart from the engine the new Fusion is really cool in features, comfort and specs – though if you come to think of it five years down the line the Accord will stand out for durability.

  17. Test drove the 2013 Accord today,
    felt its a good car,
    i ahve driven Camry and Altima,
    Altima feels to be fast, but the drive feel is
    better in Accord,
    and the car looks Premium,
    Altima & Camry are good, but also have an image of TAXI” phewwww,,,

  18. can the road noise be fixed by just replacing the tyres? especially yokohama db the silent tyre the one used in camry since 2007..
    waiting for you comments bros..

  19. i just booked accord 2013 EX model, but dealer said it doesnt have rear camera or blind spot mirror as it comes only in EX (leather) model. is he correct or taking me for a ride. the EX L model is expensive by 10K aed. pls suggest


  21. Hello Mr. Mash
    I recently bought a Honda Accord Lx-B 2016 during Ramadan for 84,900 AED. I would just like you to tell me if I bought the car for a good price i.e at a good discount?

    • Mosin, i am sorry to say and dont want to hurt your feelings now Accord coming made in china you should ask here before go ahead to purchased.

  22. Whats wrong with the china version, afterall the brand is Japanese, and been using it for 5 months now, drive feel is excellent and giving an average fuel economy of 8.7 litres.

  23. Just wanted to ask that did I buy at a good price? That was my only question.


  24. Hey Mr Mash,
    Just booked the accord 2015 used model from al futtaim honda, some of my friends are telling me to change my decision and book a 2013 or 2014 model which is AMERICAN made. They’re convincing me solely because of the fact that the 2015 is made in CHINA. So do you suggest changing my decision from 2015 to the 2014 model, and is the China manufactured Accord of a poor quality ?

    Please Reply, would mean alot to me as it’d be a great help in confirming my decision.


  25. Hey drive arabia,

    If you cant answer any queries then stop running this site.

    I just asked should I opt for the 2014 or 2015 model of accord as I was confused due to so many mouths giving me different opinions.
    Please reply if possible or otherwise delete it as the first one.

  26. Guys, anyone ? Please if you guys could suggest me the right thing as the dealer obviously says all accord models are of the same quality and everything. So does a made in China have affect on the build quality ?

  27. @ Penn

    good one !

    @ shane

    Switch to the US made accord. US has been making these accords since 1980s…. and their manufacturing is excellent.

    With out dwelling in to a long story, Trading Enterprises (UAE honda dealer) -has stopped importing Chinese made accord since YE 2016 and now all new accords are US made.

    So go figure..

  28. I have a Honda accord 2013 model GCC specifications (4 cylinders) How should I update the GPS?

  29. Very nice product, am really interested

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