2011 Kia Sportage 2.4 LX

2011 Kia Sportage 2.4 LX

The Good:
– Exterior styling
– Good legroom in the back
– Fairly comfortable ride
The Bad:
– Interior hard plastics
– Average headroom in the back
– Fairly dull drive

Kia Motors, Hyundai’s brother from another mother, has been pretty busy over the last couple of years. Their new models are winning accolades for design on a regular basis, and combined with killer prices, their sales have been on the rise, even during the worst recession in decades. Their sales hero in the UAE is the new-for-2011 Kia Sportage. It is undoubtedly the most attractive crossover in its class, but is its beauty only skin-deep?

Externally, Kia pulls off a premium style that looks better than the Audi Q5 or the Mercedes-Benz GLK, with a low roofline, chiseled details and 17-inch wheels. Of course, ours was a lower-end model, so getting a higher-specced version adds LED driving lights and even larger wheels.

But stepping into the interior will bring you back down to Earth with a thud. The entire interior is well-built, but consists of shiny hard-plastics, right down to the armrests. The monotone grey interior in our tester was only broken by a slab of metal-look hard plastic on the dash and small bits of chrome trim here and there. We suggest you opt for a higher model, so you will at least get padded door inserts and even leatherette upholstery.

That low roofline also means that headroom is limited for tall rear passengers, although we average-sized folks were fine. The cloth-clad front seats offer moderate side-bolstering. Legroom is excellent, even in the back. The rear bench is not adjustable in any way, but can be folded down. Boot space is a only bit more than that of a hatchback, expected since the Sportage is intentionally shorter than most other compact crossovers. Inside, there are exposed cup-holders, door pockets and other useful cubbies.

Our not-so-loaded tester came with power windows and mirrors, passable CD/MP3 stereo with USB/AUX ports, fog lamps, cruise control, keyless entry and only one airbag. But the Sportage can be outfitted with, among many things, keyless start, rear camera, panoramic glass roof, dual-zone auto a/c, active headrests, stability control, better stereo and a whole other airbag, if you go for the full-options model. The manual a/c in our LX model initially seemed average during our April test, but does well, given some time. However, there are no rear a/c vents. The rear-centre passenger also gets a simple lap-belt while the other seating positions get proper three-point seat-belts.

We drove the 2.4-litre 4-cylinder version. The motor is good for 176 hp at 6000 rpm and 227 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, mated to a smooth 6-speed automatic and all-wheel-drive. It isn’t quick by any means, but it is adequate for daily driving, burning petrol at an estimated 12 litres/100 km. We clocked a 0-100 kph time of 10.9 seconds with our brand-new tester, leaving the manually-shiftable gearbox in auto mode. There wasn’t much scope for tyre-screeching drama here.

There is no real drama around the corners either. The suspension tuning is good, with mild body roll at moderate speeds on long curves, with no bounciness once it straightens out. Grip is limited from the 225/60 tyres, and the Sportage simply understeers safely when they go over the limit. Like most compact crossovers, the Sportage handles like a car, but not a sporty car. The light steering lacks feedback, and the disc brakes are merely average, with the rear snaking a bit on hard stops.

The Sportage boasts an all-wheel-drive system, but it basically works in front-wheel-drive mode until it detects slipping wheels. There is no low-range gearing. So even while there is a 50:50 centre-diff lock button, it is best to stick to flat beach areas and gravel routes.

Otherwise, as intended, the ride quality is very smooth on most surfaces, and is fairly quiet too. The rear window is small, but the mirrors are big, and even without parking sensors, it is an easy vehicle to park.

And that’s what makes the Kia Sportage a hit on the sales charts, even more so than its looks. Most buyers in the crossover segment are simply looking for a comfortable ride to drive to the office and back, while enjoying the perceived safety of a raised ride height. While that safety bit is an illusion, the comfort bit hits the mark perfectly.

Price Range:
Dh 67,900-90,900

Current Model Introduced in:

Body Styles:
5-door wagon

2.4L 176 hp Inline-4 / 227 Nm

6-speed automatic


Front: independent
Rear: independent

Front: discs
Rear: discs

Curb Weight:
1598 kg

4440 mm

2640 mm

Top Speed:
180 kph

Test Acceleration 0-100 kph:
10.9 sec.

Observed Test Fuel Economy:
12.0 litres/100km

What do you think?



  1. This car is my bet for best compact suv here in UAE

  2. Hi, I have one question. Can we use AWD always on Sportage 2011? or we can use it only for off roads?
    please answer me in detail.


    Muhammad Shakeel

  3. Hey Mash,

    I’m an avid follower of DriveArabia.com for quite some time now, as it provides me with Middle East specific Automotive news that I cannot find in any other site (i’ve looked). I’ve been contented to be just a quiet observer and read your insights and inputs about the different cars on the market. However, this time I am tempted to throw a question at you in the hope that you will be able to answer me in time.

    I have recently fallen in love with an Optima (2.0 mid-range with ABS and Panoramic Sunroof) and decided to order one. However, by the time my bank approved the financing, that specific model was already sold out. Got really disappointed as I felt that it was the best car I could get out of that price range.

    Anyway, I figured no sense crying over spilled milk so I talked to Kia and to make the long story short, I have to choose a different car and I’ve narrowed down my choices to a Sportage and an Optima, both base models.

    Just want to check as I know you have tested both of them; which would be a better choice? A 2.0 4×2 Sportage which has ABS, or a 2.4 Optima without ABS? Both have the same features basically, with the differences lying in the car segment and the presence of Anti-Lock Brakes.

    Any recommendation from an expert car enthusiast like yourself? I am leaning towards the Optima but I’m nervous about the lack of ABS.

    What do you think? Hope to hear from you soon. Don’t ignore me please! I need your input!

    Vivek, if you can read this comment, please do share your input as well.



  4. What’s the high-end model comes with ? I mean does it have navigation, rear view camera, etc…

  5. So how many guys here have noticed that drivers of this new sportage have got a little aggresive!!?? i’ve noticed that most of them especially the ones with the HID lights start tail gating you, it happened to me a couple of times till i got pissed off and then decided to chase them down..lol..

    Nice looking vehicle though..

  6. i have a sportage i dont tail gate….

  7. Thank you for this comprehensive review. I appreciate your work. Often I ask myself why people buy raised ride height, as you would describe it, is it safety or the feeling of superiority being higher than some. But sometimes I feel it is safer to driver an SUV for two things, first you will have better visibility of the road ahead, second in case of accidents you are more protected being leveled higher. Do you agree that?

  8. i have a kia sportage 2011 lx ,2.o engine.excellent car,but only thing i disliked is its acceleration which is too slow for sudden pickup.rest its just a replica of Audi by looks.great comfort inside,easy to zip in trafic and parking

  9. best priced car isn’t it?

  10. Sportage Rocks…Juma al majid Sucks!

  11. hello,
    can anyone describe me, how has the a/c been in the kia sportage compartively,
    i wonder why is there is’nt enough info: on the air conditioning specification in the detail test drive report, in gulf ,during summers it has been an important aspect.
    could everyone suggest , while parking it under the sun for few hours betwwen 2pm- until 3:30 om, how sooner does the a/c gets the inside of the car cooled down.
    is toyota cooling considered the best, has this car” kia ” have little less cooling than is close competitiors ( hyndia tucson,or honda crv…etcetc)

  12. @tony … AC is no problem at all. It cools in more or less 1 minute. I think mash mentioned in his earlier review that this car cools faster than toyotas if not equal….check his first review “so we got kia sportage” you can also get inputs on the comments.

  13. So far so goooood…sweet ride!

  14. @tony

    it depends what temperature it is and assuming it parked in the open sun

    at 35 degrees it takes less 2 minutes to cool down

    at 40 degrees+ it takes a full 6 minutes to start cooling things.

    Overall after clocking 12,000+ KM on it’s AC can be said good. however you will still need to tint the vehicle with 3m or some other good quality film….

    Toyota AC are excellent but KIA has also good AC system certainly better than my 2006 accord.

  15. i saw a race near academic city yesterday…rav4 versus sportage…the rav accelerated fast at first but the sportage won in the end…

  16. really? racing sportages? they’re both slow but the rav4 is a sure looser.

  17. now sportages are racing? this is dumb. i guess this is just a silly bet for whos fastest among the slow.

  18. Yup it even out runs crvs….. But the important thing is for a small family on a budget is life cycle costs….And the sportage wins hands down

  19. the sportage is a sure standout

  20. so i suppose the sportage now will have a higher resale value? times really change

  21. Hi,
    Just want to know, how is the re-sale for this sportage? Is there any buy back facility from the dealer?

  22. Guys forget the Korean Kia Sportage and likes. They just look good but do not offer great technology. Just bought a Peugeot 3008. Its simply BRILLIANT!!!. Any one considering a Kia Sportage do your self a favor and check the 3008 out. Its about the same price, made in France, with excellent technology and features, very very high on saftey for the family. The 1.6 ltr Turbo is excellent on the wallet and is faster that the 2.4 ltr Kia engine. 0- 100 in 9.3 secs and Top speed of 215KMH. The rear suspension is special where it does not allow for too much roll. The handling is perfect. What I like best is the cool heads up display which make me feel like I am in a 737 cockpit. Peugeot have only a few pcs available with three colors. Any one looking for a great car look no further. A very happy and proud Peugeot 3008 owner.


  23. Congratulations To Kia Sportage for winning the best compact SUV in the middle east!

    @ muffadal: The experts just voted the sportage as the best in class. So I think their opinion is more trusted than yours. Plus french cars are for gays. look around whose driving them.

    • @faisal

      peugeots are not for gays…but they look good with ladies driving them. thats more like it.

      @ muffadal

      don’t sell peugeots to men. in fact this brand is not even mentioned or talked about in drivearabia.

  24. Just bought a Peugeot 3008********

    RE: my humble condolenses……

    – a normal service charge AED 700
    – guaranteed relaibility problems only after a few years
    – AC? what AC …

    a true lemon car

    • Prado, To set the record straight. The total service cost for the 3008 over 100,000kms will be approx 7700 AED. Which I believe is reasonable. Service like all european cars is at 10,000 kms only. The car came with a 5 yr 100,000 km warranty. I was driving a 307 SW for the last 7 years for 130,000 km and it did not give me any problems, hence the decision to go for another Peugeot.

      Wish you happy driving with your KIA.


      On that account all who drive a Sportage are Eunuchs. No need to look around just look in the Mirror. 🙂

  25. Hi,
    Just want to know, how is the re-sale for this sportage? Is there any buy back facility from the dealer?**********

    RE: no idea but the future looks good. essentially a few things are crucial for strong resales

    1) The wear and tear rate: after 5 years+ of use how does car run? i.e. engine performance depreciation, does car fall to pieces and so

    2) the running cost, this ranges from spare parts to routine engine oil changes, brake pads and so on…

    on the second point i can clearly say the KIA sportage is cheap to maintain…. i have a 20000 km service contract for AED 1050 that covers brakes, oil change… now i just did my 20,000 serivce for a my 1.6 corolla and it cost me AED 700 from our beloved AFM! for oil change!!!!

    on the first i have run 15k on it and so far so good no issues to report… but with a 5 year warranty i am not worried.

  26. wawawoooooooooooooooooooooooooo kia is the best but I need some one borrow me some money to buy it even I can share here with my experience,

  27. Saving money for this car.

  28. hi friends. anybody can advice me on KIA SPORTAGE. am in saudi (khobar). i have plan to buy sportage. how much SR for this suv. and which one best SUV now on road.

  29. I like kias take on the crossover segment. The Sportage deserves its winning streak.

  30. Anybody know if the GDI 2.0 turbocharged sportage is coming to the middle east? i drove one while i was on holiday and i must say that thing is a mean machine, we managed to keep up with a Golf GTI up till about 120kph after that we were dropping behind very slowly, if that car came i would buy it instantly.

  31. please describe the seating capacity and how about the resale value of this car
    2011 Kia Sportage 2.4 LX
    because lastly i had Hyundai Elentra hash back and after 4 years I got back only Dhs.3000

  32. im friends… im going to buy 2012 kia sport age LX 2.0 2WD….any one can tell me …..what about a/c running time engine pickup power……(traffic)

  33. YES. The Sporatge will have a good resale value cause the dealer now increased its basic price. from 62900 to 67000 AED. so good news to all those who bought it earlier and thanks to the best suv award it now 4k expensive.

  34. @Muffadal

    I recently looked at JD powers’s quality rating on KIA sportage 2010 the old design….


    Sportage clearly rocks….. 🙂

    good luck on your Peegoat.

    2.0 is underpowered, you will be disappointed. Recommend you go for 2.4L it is worth the extra cost. It is relatively heavy vehicle.

    difficult what the resale will be but judging by the strong demand no real quality issues and cheap running costs it is expected to be strong… better than before

    Peformance? I had a drag race with an office colleague who had a 2007 Rav 4. He was smoked twice 🙂

    The rav 4 cannot out pace a sportage

  35. Hi Could you please specify the seating capacity of Sportage. New 2012 model available in the market? Any KIA model have 7 seater facility?

  36. i just love this car. ticks all the marks perfectly.

  37. I have a budjet of 90,000 AED and I am interested in the Sportage.

    Am I making the right choice or is there something better for that money??

    • For budget you could buy:

      1.basic rav4…boring
      2.basic crv..grandmother’s car
      3.basic outlander…pricey maintenance
      4.basic escape…mix of the above


      5. fully loaded kia sportage. which runs faster, looks way better, best value, and the awarded best compact suv in many countries.

  38. buy the sportage no doubt bang for the buck. i love the reverse camera and the dual sunroof.

  39. anybody answer me sportage 2L milage and performence

  40. @saji

    2L = comes in milk bottles only…

    range 430 km
    performace = none unless you want to race with a bus

    2.4L is one to go for…

  41. May 2011 basic sportage price 63900 AED
    February 2012 basic sportage price 69000 AED

    Can i sell my sportage at the same price(63K) at a mileage of 15000 kms?

    Drive Arabia…thanks to your best compact suv award for the sportage, the resale now is very good

  42. Proud Owner of Sportage 2.0L LX 2011, since Dec 2010. the vehicle has really outperformed atleast the corollas 1.8, Tiguan 2.0 and dodge caliber I used to use before (May not be appropriate comparison)
    Both in terms of value for the capital and maintanence.
    Lately, last year I realised that my Average going down, but thats mainly because I had started trying to race more on the signals. Having Clocked 30,000 I am getting a 7.5 – 8 KM/Litre city and 9KM/L on H.Way conditions.
    THe A/C still cools as it used to be when new, takes 5 mins in peak summer for the rear seats to feel the chill. However, because of the big tapered windscreen which allows the heat to pass magnanimously on the drive and aisle seat.
    I have done atleast 5 big outings (long drives)600 -1000Km at one go and can tell that it is a pleasure all the time. (Although would`nt compare witht he LC and pajeros)

    Atleast evertime it has always turned heads towards, cos the car has the much better shape and asthetics compared to their rivals at this range.

    The All Wheel drive is not the real four wheel, Which I was clarified by the salesman while I picked, So my expectation was not hat big. Once I have my car got stuck in loose beach sand, better to use the tradition method of shaking the body back and forth on neutral instead to try accelerating.

    One of the features that still fancy me of owning this car is the Six speed auto gear box, which changes so swiftly with less to zero feel of gear change. At a speed of 100KM my RPM still shows 2600, where in my corolla 1.8 it would have already reached 3100.

    Caution: Although the car advertises high safety features, one has to be careful as there is no road response on the steering especially when negotiation long curves at speed. at least 2 times I could feel my tyres off ground at 80/90KMPH.

    Badside: LACK OF POWER(WHEN NEEDED), QUALITY OF FABRIC SEAT & Engine Noise / Wind noise at speeds abouve 100.

  43. went to the showroom to buy but they told me three months to wait…wtf!

  44. ok crossed 25,000 km and still the my 2.4L AWD is tight as day one. Even brake pads are good ! i recalled i had to change by honda accord’s pads only after 20,000 km.

    No signs of wear and tear…even after one year of ownership. Only the engine seems to have become smoother and quicker from intial “gruffy” engine note when i bought it. Will update when i reach the 30km mark.

  45. hey guys, how’s the wind and engine noise of the sportage? any issues? is it better than honda civic(my current ride, for comparison)?. thanks

  46. dude, civic WAS good 20 years ago. Not in the same category but the Sportage tops in many aspects…especially the price and maintenance. Not to mention its really good looks.

    • thanks. I was only asking to compare the engine/wind noise to have basis and not the whole car to car comparison. agree that it looks good!

  47. wind/road/engine noise very low even upto 120km/h… although some owner report of a noisy engine, it bcos of the underpowered 2.0l engine…

    In comparision it is certainly much better than any honda (i am ex honda accord owner) ..

    ride is on a firmer side not soft like the camry

    • thanks for the info. hope to get this as civic replacement 🙂

    • Dear Prado,
      I have confused between Sportage and Tucson…
      Please let me know which is better in 2.4L lower end model… without sunroof.
      There is anything new in 2013 model(Sportage) which is coming in 2 weeks to oman..
      thanks in advance…
      How’s ur sportage doing now… updates….

  48. Dear Mash,
    I have confused between Sportage and Tucson…
    Please let me know which is better in 2.4L lower end model… without sunroof.
    There is anything new in 2013 model(sportage) which is coming in next month to oman..
    thanks in advance..

  49. Finally got my sportage..after a year of research…no regrets

  50. Tucson and Sportage are essentially the same vehicle. However build quality on the sportage is better. I think it also has better looks which made it more popular on the street…you see the sportage everywhere…more often than the tucson

  51. Finally I got my 2013 model Sportage 2.4 LTR.
    It’s only after reading above review and some nice coments.
    Thanks to all for helping me to choose the best SUV on road.

  52. @michael

    sorry missed your query… congrats on your new purchase!


    Crossed 33k, did the 30k service, costed AED 625 from the dealer. The brakes are still good, and so are the tryes… in short every thing is holding up very well this would be my 15 month of ownership and no exceptions to report.

    Do however get the vehicle tinted from a quality brand Vkool or similar particularly from the front window screen it makes a world of a difference.

    Tucson v sportage = essentially same but i felt the design and metal build quality felt better in the sportage….

  53. hi, could someone give an advice, i’m considering to buy either Chevy Cruze or Kia Sportage by Sept because I’ll be working in Abu Dhabi by that month (I need to drive back & forth 5 times a wek). What would you suggest between the two? I’m also thinking which one would be suitable as a family car.

  54. which ever car you take given the milage it will kill your resale value. i cant say go for Sportage as it has limited 100k waranty, and it is a SUV heavier on gas. Kia optima has a unlimited warranty plus better ride for high ways. But again go for the 2.4L one, 2.0 is grossly underpowered.

    as far as cruze goes even the american auto journals rate the KIA optima well above the cruze and is a top pick from them… so why buy a car americans them selves recommend.

  55. cross 35k did the minor service cost me = AED 205.

    had a flat and need to replace my rear tyre, as I got massive nail stuck in some where in sharjah back roads…. cost me AED 600 for tyre and labor to get the orginal tyres replaced.

    apart from that everthing is holding up ,no exceptions.

  56. Can some one tell me plz if there is any difference between the 2.0 and 2.4 engines in terms of acceleration n sudden pick ups?
    And if there is a point buying the AWD not the FWD? U mean if I get stuck in the sand, wd the AWD save me?

    • Yes 2,0 ie very slow… stay away from that engine….2.4 L is adequate for this vehicle’s wieght

      AWD helps in the beach and low sand grave surfaces, it cannot do sand duning or deep soft sand… if you want to do that you need to by a 4×4 with off road suspension

  57. ok for some update

    40,000 km service done at 41,500 km … costed myself AED 800 approx. brake pads still good, tech. people say it will go up to 50k before replacing.

    so far no rattles or any issues to report. engine seems to running much smoother (i dont know why this actually happens)…

    Some people i heard say KIA;s tend to die out after 2 years.. well i have it for almost two years and still no sign of a impending doom…

  58. Hi,

    I am planning to buy 2.0L AWD kia sportage. I need it for normal use. Is it sufficient or I shud go for 2.4L engine only ? Max speed I may go is 100.

  59. i finally bought a car….i gave in to my wife’s request and opt for the hyundai tucson (2.4). hope i’ll get it by next week.

  60. This car is very popular in Riyadh.

  61. Hi All,

    Im planning to buy tomorrow my own car.. I want the looks of sportage inside and out. I want to know how long this car will last and what is the resale value after 5yrs maybe?
    Thank you guys..


  62. ok done 50k service no exceptions for i havent even change tyres, battery or even the brakes! .. it is still good…. hah .. honda accord beat that!!!

    no rattles or engine performance degradation to report.

    fuel economy is a steady 400-430km on a full tank of 50litres.

  63. Hi,
    I’m about to buy one SUV and narrowed down my list to new Sportage and Rav 4 used ones. Which one u guys recommend? Sportage I think it’s good value for money and Toyota I don’t need to tell about it. Any recommendations?

    • Both vehicles are good. When I bought my Sportage 2012, my maximum budget was 70K and I got it for 67K from the dealer. I feel RAV4 is a bit overrated for its high tag price. With Sportage, you’ll get so many features at a lower cost. Pretty stable on the road. Quiet cabin. Sporty and aggressive looks! And easy to customize. Even if money is not an issue, I would still consider Sportage over RAV4. It’s just a vehicle that I wanted it to be.

    • tony

      i dont think sportage is just value proposition any more… it is better than Rav in almost respect except may be engine refinement (marginally)

      almost 2 years ownership even today if had make a decision i see little reason to go for a Rav 4 except to comfort my asian collegues who think toyota is some sort of ‘god’ sent super product..

  64. I wanted to install led on my sportage? Can anyone recommend where? How much? Thanks

  65. Can anyone tell me how much a kia sportage 100,000kms service costs??????

  66. done 55k service.. cost AED 205.

    brake pads still original.. cant believe they lasted this long with out the requirment to change

    • Thanks for the updates…
      I have recently checked the service contract from 55,000 to 1,00,000 kms (10 services)… it will cost 281 Rial Omani after discount.. here in Oman.

  67. Just Jumped in…
    Read full article. Read all comments.

    No stock available for sportage in UAE, only the base one with single Airbag.
    Any latest update on the availability would be appreciated.


  68. @Prado
    Nice to know updates with cost figures. Please keep it up. Thanks

  69. @Riz & michael

    thanks.. will do i am due for 60k service soon will update on the cost and the wear tear related incidentals costs…

    Latest cost update

    Battery died after 22 months, which is not bad considering i left for 3 weeks with out deactiviating the battery.

    Bought a AC DELCO battery for AED 500, i know it is on the expensive side of things i didnt have time to the Korean type Hannok i think which was around AED 350. In any case AC delco batteries run for a good 2 years before they die out… so they say 🙂

  70. ok done 60k service..

    total cost AED 1,780 including the change of the front pades for the first time.

    Waiting time 1.5 days

  71. @Prado

    Thanks for the update.

    I got Sportage 2Ltr a month ago.

    Drive is good but felt a little problem after 1K Service. A minor but annoying vibration above 100 km/h, got it checked from KIA Service Center. And they replaced my 4 tyres to new even after 3.5K driven.

    Mileage is good so far.Full Tank of 55 Ltr.

    Service centers are awful and extremely busy. Even after taking a appointment, they still waste upto avg of 5 hours, due to their inefficiency of queuing and appointment system.

  72. @Trus
    I went to Ras Al Khor Dubai

  73. just bought one…for no other reason than “its a great value for money!” #supersavings

  74. Hi guys..im stuck between sportage 2.4 awd base trim, and 2013 rav4 fwd base, which is slightly more costly than the rav. Kia has everything i need, on paper, the only problem i ive heard is stiff ride, lack of steering feel, plus i dont know the ac performance, service of kia kuwait, kia brand resale.

    Base rav has manual ac and not even cruise control, plus its fwd.people say awd is of no use. No back up cam or sonar…so which do i choose?i need good ride and handling, good audio, no mechanical issues, good ac and resale..plz advise

  75. Hi all,

    I am undecided between a Hyundai Santa Fe 3.3L and a Sportage. Which do you think I should go for?

    Does the sportage only come with a 2.0L engine in the UAE? Does the sportage have any off-road capability?

    Thanks for your answers.

  76. does anyone here experienced shattered/cracked panorama/sunroof glass due the extreme hot temperature in middle east? Please share your experience.

    Thanks in advance.

  77. I heard sometimes the gear gives wrong reading Number in kia sportage , so you have to switch off the car and on again ,
    can any one tell me if it is truth

  78. I am always following your website, 3 months back i have taken KIA Sportage 2014 Medium Option but i think the mileage for full tank 52 litres is only around 390 kms i.e., 7.5 km/litre, is it ok or not, till now i did not go for 1st servicing of 5000km which is due in this month.
    Also in summer when i on the A/C too much of water is coming out from down of the car, is it ok.

    Pls. help me
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Mubasheruddin,

      I have similar experience earlier, but after 10K service the fuel consumption got lower and i am getting good mileage on roads. Also i turned off economy mode for drive as this will make tendency to accelerate more in city drive or drive in turns while vehicle is in slow speed, so this will obviously consume more fuel. Eco mode is good for long and steady drive, not good for city drive. Just try that way.



  79. Dear Mubasheruddin
    it is normal

  80. Dan, you simply cannot compare Sante Fe with Sportage. 1st the engine is 3.3 …more powerful than Sportage. It’s more Spacious. You could compare Sorento with Santa Fe.

  81. I have my kia sportage 2.0 2011 model now for 4 years and no issue’s at all, its simple but very pleasing to ride. Just send your car to any kia service for servicing and your good to go. I was hesistant to buy a korean car before, but now I’m glad that I have one. Cheers…

  82. I have KIA sportage 2015 model, as of now i am very proud of my car. Initially i have noticed the mileage, which was getting lower and fuel consumption got higher than company suggested, but after 10K service it’s lower fuel consumption and performance also changed.
    Really love this machine.

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