جاكوار اكس كيه 2009 الأسعار و المواصفات في البحرين

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مواصفات جاكوار اكس كيه 2009

بلد المنشاء/التصنيع United Kingdom
التصنيف العام للموديل Luxury Sports Coupe
التصميم الخارجي 2-door coupe
الوزن (كجم) 1595 - 1635
الفئات المتوفرة مستوى الأداء
المحرك علبة التروس القوة (حصان) العزم (نيوتن/م) التدفي استهلاك الوقود
الاقتصاد في استهلاك الوقود (كم / لتر) 100-0 كلم/سا (ثانية) السرعة القصوى
4.2 V8 RWD 6A 300 410 11.3 8.8 6.2-6.3 250*
4.2SC V8 RWD 6A 420 560 12.3 8.1 5.2-5.3 250*

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موثوقية جاكوار اكس كيه 2009 و قيمة إعادة البيع

الموثوقية (35/5)
قيمة إعادة البيع (35/5)
مشاكل معروفة Mechanically fine, but various owners of first-year 2007 models have suffered a random number of electrical issues, involving the dash lights, Bluetooth phone, LCD touchscreen, cloth-top operation, stereo, power windows, battery, power seats or false warning lights. The front floor may get wet from a/c condensation unless a revised evaporate drain tube has been installed. The brake pedal may need extra pressure to start the engine due to the brake light switch out of adjustment or incorrect ABS pressure setting. A knocking noise from the front end may be due to a dislocated lower control arm bushing for the stabiliser bar. The seatbelt warning light and chime may activate intermittently, even passenger seat is empty, due to a faulty seat occupant sensor. The remote keyless entry may not work within 10 minutes of locking the vehicle and, after opening the door manually, the engine may not start unless the central and auxiliary junction box software has been updated. Noise from the front suspension when going over bumps unless shock absorbers have been replaced with revised units. Wind noise on convertibles is due to a gap where the roof meets the top of the rear fenders.
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تقييم NHTSA لسلامة السائق من الأمام

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تقييم EuroNCAP العام للركاب البالغين

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