Audi TT 2002 Kuwait Prices & Specs

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Kuwait starting price

KWD 9,780

Price When New In Kuwait

KWD 9,780 - 10,430 (1.8TC I4 1.8 TFSI)
KWD 10,840 - 11,410 (1.8TC I4 1.8 TFSI Quattro)
KWD 13,040 - 13,450 (3.2 V6 3.2 FSI Quattro)
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Audi TT 2002 specifications

Country of Origin Hungary
Class Premium Sports Coupe / Convertible
Body Styles 2-door coupe, 2-door convertible
Weight (kg) 1280 - 1590
Version Performance
Engine Gearbox Power (hp) Torque (Nm) Fuel Econ (L/100km) Fuel Econ (km/L) 0-100 kph (sec) Top speed (kph)
1.8TC I4 FWD 5M/6A 180 234 8.1-9.2 7.8-8.4 224-226
1.8TC I4 4WD 6M 225 280 9.3-9.4 6.9 235-242
3.2 V6 4WD 6M/6AM 250 320 9.8-9.9 6.3-6.5 248*

Audi TT 2002 reviews

Modern styling, great cabin design, torquey engines

Cramped cabin, firm ride, boring drive, cabin noise

Audi TT 2002 Overview

The futuristic Audi TT Coupe was first launched in late 1998, followed by the Roadster in 1999. It became a trend-setter in terms of style, but mechanical mediocrity meant it was never a true sports car, being based on the same platform that served the VW Golf and the Skoda Octavia. Originally available with two original engine choices, both were turbocharged 1.8-litre 4-cylinder units, at different states of tune. The lower model got front-wheel-drive, while the higher-powered model benefitted from standard Quattro all-wheel-drive. First-year models suffered from dangerous high-speed handling due to lift-off oversteer and led to many deaths, so stability control, better stabilisers and a rear lip-spoiler were added from 2000. All versions only had a manual gearbox up till 2003, when an automatic gearbox with manual-shift capability was offered in the lower-powered model. Model-year 2003 also saw a minor unnoticeable facelift as well as the introduction of a 3.2-litre V6 option, available with either a manual or, from 2004, a newly-developed DSG automanual gearbox. The V6 also got standard Quattro all-wheel-drive, stiffer suspension and slightly upgraded body trim. The coupe was a 2+2 seater, while the roadster only had two seats. All versions got a cramped but stylish interior, and could be had with special leather upholstery, the usual power accessories, and more. Variations over the years meant different wheel designs and interior options were available. Final-year 2006 models can be identified by a two-tone paintjob. The original TT was a popular entry into the compact sports-car market due to its looks, but it was always the worst in terms of driving dynamics compared to its more-capable competitors.

Audi TT 2002 Reliability & Resale Value

Resale Value
Known Problems Turbo models had issues with leaky piping. Some suffered from total turbocharger failure, which is prohibitively expensive to replace. Turbo engines suffered premature failure of timing belts and ignition coils under warranty. Manual gearbox has high-mileage synchro issues, while automatic gearbox failure is common, both being expensive to overhaul. Suspension bushings wear out, identified by clunking noises when driving over bumps. Pricey brake rotors wear out prematurely. Various electrical issues affect most owners, including failing gauges, power-window problems, ABS sensors, central locking, and faded LCD displays that show vital information. Some report random leaks, such as a/c, power-steering fluid, coolant and even oil leaks. Cheap paint on switches and cabin trim wear off in a few years.
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Audi TT 2002 Safety Ratings

NHTSA Driver Frontal Rating


EuroNCAP Overall Adult Rating
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