2012 Renault Duster

2012 Renault Duster

The Good:
– As cheap as a small dog
– Decent cabin space
– Fairly comfortable ride
The Bad:
– Cheapness obvious in base trim
– Hard cabin plastics
– Gets noisy at highway speeds

We never look too favourably at “cheap” new cars. The problem with such low-level cars nowadays is that they truly feel cheap, but the price doesn’t reflect it. Consider that fact that, a decade ago, you could buy a Honda Accord for the price of a Toyota Yaris. But Renault has done something different. They’re actually offering a basic Romanian-built crossover SUV called the Duster that looks and feels cheap. But it also costs less than a Toyota Yaris, which isn’t any better.

We drove the cheapest version, with unpainted bumpers, steel wheels and wind-up rear windows. It gives off a “low-budget” vibe, so we’d actually recommend buyers to check out the higher-spec “SE” version that comes with painted bumpers, alloys, chrome and a whole host of other features that make it a more “complete” car while still competing with sub-compact cars in price.

The SUV ride-height is obvious once you step into the cabin. Inside, every inch is covered in hard plastic, right down to the door armrests. Painted metal is left naked where you’d generally expect plastic to cover it, such as the windshield-wiper area or the inner-side of the tailgate. Thankfully, the seats are still cloth-upholstered, but there are no armrests along the centre. Even the inside rear-door handles have been deleted to cut cost. Everything feels lightweight, including the doors, but nothing should fall off in the long run, precisely because there is nothing left to fall off. We should mention that the “SE” trim has a much nicer interior though, with cloth door inserts, shiny trimmings, and proper handles where they need to be.

And yet, we still got standard front power windows, keyless entry, power steering, roof rails, a cargo-compartment cover and even a CD/MP3 player with USB/AUX ports as well as Bluetooth streaming audio and phone! You also get a single airbag, a one-piece fold-down rear bench, manual mirrors and a single light to show your indicators are on, whether left or right. If you really want the second airbag, the rear power windows, the split-folding rear seats, foglamps, electric mirrors, trip computer and more, you’ll have to jump up to the “SE” model. Pay some more and you’ll even get leather, seatbelt pre-tensioners and side-curtain airbags. Still, the USB port only reads certain types of flash drives, while the manual a/c is good only as long as your car is moving.

The cabin space is pretty good, with good legroom front and back as well as excellent all-round headroom. The car is understandably narrow, so three in the back would be a tight fit. Boot space is also pretty good, more than any hatchback like the Nissan Tiida, but understandably less than larger SUVs like the Kia Sportage, but interestingly, Renault says the Duster has more cargo volume than the Sportage with the rear bench folded down. Storage options are limited to a glove-box, front door pockets, three cup-holders and a large shelf-pocket where the passenger-side airbag is supposed to be.

The Renault Duster is powered by a standard 2.0-litre, making 135 hp at 5500 rpm and 195 Nm of torque at 3750 rpm, pretty decent for a cost-cut car, considering the crap engine VW dumps in their GCC-spec Jetta. Generally we’d complain about small engines in SUVs, but the Duster is lighter than even a Honda Civic! Our car also had front-wheel-drive only. It is saddled with an ancient 4-speed automatic, although it does have a useless tiptronic function which doesn’t hold gears.

We managed a 0-100 kph time of 12.6 seconds during our hot May afternoon test, largely because the engine bogs down on initial take-off and short-shifts automatically in first gear for some reason. The gearing is also very tall, even in first, so it doesn’t feel as spritely as a Yaris or a Tiida. But more interestingly, the fuel economy is acceptable, as we estimated 10.9 litres/100 km. That’s about as good as the unremarkable Chevy Cruze, but better-engineered cars like the Honda Civic and the Ford Focus are easily more efficient. Hey, did we mention the Duster is an SUV?

The Duster is slow on take-off, but it never felt too short of power on the road once up to speed. Sure, overtaking still takes a while, but we’d rather be driving this than an underpowered sub-compact hatchback with a 1.5-litre engine, or worse. The motor does just under 3000 rpm at 120 kph.

At highway speeds, the engine drone can still be heard a bit over the moderate wind noise, but there is surprisingly little road noise from the 215/65 Continental tyres wrapping the 16-inch steelies. Keep the speed under 100 kph, and the car is actually somewhat quiet. Even the ride quality is smooth enough on most surfaces, with a slight firmness, no worse than the latest Honda CR-V we drove. And the ride height gives that elevated “4×4” driving position everyone craves.

What’s really impressive is the handling. On hard turns, body roll is present, but limited. The tyres offer up good grip and linear understeer at the limit. Even the steering is firm, sharply responsive and offers decent feedback, but its turning ratio is a bit too high to be truly nimble. Also, it feels a bit too firm for one-handed parking manoeuvres. The brakes are absolutely useless until the pedal is halfway in. Fitted with front discs and rear drums, it does stop well once you figure that out though, and it is easy to lock up the tyres as our base car did not have the optional ABS, so it was fun practising threshold braking after so long.

We also had some intense fun on gravel tracks, flicking this car around with the proper handbrake, not worrying about damaging the paint thanks to the good ground clearance and the bare bumpers. It didn’t even matter that it was only a front-wheel-drive setup in that context, but if you really want the lockable all-wheel-drive option, you’d have to shell out even more cash on top of the “SE” version and also settle for a 6-speed manual gearbox. For some cheap-and-chuckable rally fun, this car is awesome.

Truth be told, we weren’t prepared to like the Duster, but we do. The stretched platform is based on the Renault Logan, a sub-compact car that we like to avoid. But Renault has done so much more here. In this day and age, it is hard to come by prices like these for a sub-compact car, let alone an SUV. And that alone is enough to forgive all its cheap bits.

Price Range:
Dh 48,600-62,000

Current Model Introduced in:

Body Styles:
5-door wagon

2.0L 135 hp Inline-4 / 195 Nm

4-speed automatic


Front: independent
Rear: semi-independent

Front: discs
Rear: drums

Curb Weight:
1205 kg

4315 mm

2673 mm

Top Speed:
170 kph

Test Acceleration 0-100 kph:
12.6 sec.

Observed Test Fuel Economy:
10.9 litres/100km

What do you think?



  1. Finally, good contender to Yaris, in terms of price. It will be good options for people with family of 2 kids as plenty of extra space available.

    Reliability and maintenance cost will be questionable.

  2. Even the 2006 Yaris looks better than this.

  3. i cant help but imagint this car used for food delivery or home services workers (AC , water ..etc) not more .

  4. Amazing SUV! great suspension, even for rough roads!

  5. Such an ugly car. I know French people got some sense in designing cars. you can get prettier cars at this cost

  6. I have tested and found this car is nice up to some extend. I will give 8 out of 10.
    Any way we can’t expect so much in 48,000

  7. Hey, it’s cheap and does exactly what it says on the box. But I don’t understand why they’re selling the 4X4 variant without an AT option.

    Let’s see how it fares in the GCC market.

  8. it is not a french car, it is a romanian car.

  9. I am not quite sure if they sell this car in your market with the 1,5 Dci (diesel) engine, but i cam really tell you that i have pulled 2500-3000 kg trailer up to 100 km/h with the smaller version Renault/Dacia MCV. I mention that i have a commercial driver license and about 15 years experience. You can use it without any problems up to 200.000 km then sell it back to Romania to scrap and make another one. You can try the 1.5DCi 110 HP.

  10. the car is worth for what it costs…. PE and SE are it’s variants….. even so, PE has 3 models in it, and SE has 3 models in it…. while the base model of PE is no good, the top model of PE and all models of SE are much worth… the review above has some-kind of prejudice against the Duster, i suppose…

  11. This car is worthy and stylish for its cost.
    the best choice for this price

  12. I was shopping for a car and was recommended the Duster. Am a Mother with a 10 year girl and am looking for safety along with the feeling of driving a 4-wheel at the same time economical and something that wont trouble me for the next 3 years. Please advise.

  13. I have decided to buy the Higher of of Duster after a detailed check, anyhow it is more safer than Yarris. If you talk about Resales Value forget about the Safety . It is reasonably good can use for 4-5 years around 180000-200000KM then dispose to some one for Small vale. As many people start buy this Car may be some Demand will create in future market as like KIA Sport age today. The Important part is the Service and repairs done at Nissan Show room

  14. I had done a test drive. For me its worth for the price,we can use it for 3-5 years at least without headache. I am little worried about the humming from engine, which is comparatively slightly higher. But its okay comapring to the value.

  15. I have checked the duster. It is a crap for inside. Even chines toys have better quality and look compared to interior of duster.Ppl. who will buy this will surely feel like comperising the drive confort. I was all set to buy duster but in showroom only it is not appeling. I would sugest just check Kia CARENS in same price.It is really a lexury in that price.

  16. Price is ok for the make. Just ok… And facts, 85 and 110 powered engine not 150… Mileage 19-20kmpl

  17. I like to buy a car, but i like this model better than Tucson & Kia. still i not clear this cheap better or not, spare parts expenses so please help

  18. its an economical car and with fair performance on it.. its truly a good vehicle for those who is on budgeted basis.

    Spare parts is fair for price.. also the maintenance is reasonable..

  19. I have heard many say its good and still many the opposite about Duster.
    I took a chance, and let me tell you, Now I am a proud owner of the SE full option Duster with Leather interior.
    I love the vehicle, Its a bit slow on start and has hard cabin plastics, so what, the leather covers up all the ugliness and many of my friends are inspired seeing my vehicle…A good choice in terms of fuel efficiency, comfort, spare parts and Hey Nissan service centres 🙂

  20. Good Day, I felt it was important to put in feedback right here. An unbiased one as I am a proud owner of the duster and it has been a few months now. It handles good overall, ground clearance, spacing, handling all nice although it can get a little wobbly in windy weather (probably due to the better aerodynamics or cheaper cost considerations by the company) and we all know how the winds get in the middle east but good generally.

    An issue:
    Just last month though, there was an issue which popped up, not sure if it was inadequate testing done by the engineering or maybe a temperature and environment consideration (Middle Eastern) that was not considered in the engineering Quality tests. Wtih the airconditioning on and traveling at a good speed (80-100kmph) and then bringing the car to a halt seems to cause jerking just before the complete halt (at signals, parking etc.)… when still at the signal more of a slight race condition come able (this was not there before)… the rpm which was .5 however, with the A/C switched on the rpm is 1. I have reported this to the service center (who are brilliant again Nissan Service Center 😉 ) and they have informed that a firmware upgrade for the car would be in order and that one other customer had reported the same issue….

    Renault: Car software should be considered as real time systems… race conditions could be disasterous. Test considerations should include adequate environmental tests and definately over a duration. This issue was seen 6 months down the line by more than one customer…

    – Duster Owner

    • …Firmware (software) update complete… 2 weeks down since the upgrade and all seems smooth as silk again… back to normal… brrroom 🙂

    • …Oops I forgot to add, the guys at the centers indicated that this new firmware (software) would already available on all the New Duster shipment.
      In any case as of now… somehow… it feels good to know that you have a European car…. with the Maintenance costs and services of an Authorized Japanese Car service Center :)…

    • Looks like many of us experiencing the same issue. How did they fix it? They upgrade firmware of what? Appreciate your comments…

    • (????? ??? ?? ??? ??????? ???? ???? ????…… ????? ?? ???? ????)

      Sigh… after the firmware upgrade and the service…I am back dear reviewers however, it does not seem that I will be able to paint a pretty picture on the current status of the Renault Duster… Je regrette mes amis mais, le Result Duster n’est pas bon…
      The above jerk issue has returned to haunt me with the same vigor, a few months after the service and within a year of buying it. As I paid a visit to the Nissan Service Center again, I was informed that the Renault Duster is built off the engine of the Clio, which had suffered similar issue. From what I gather, it would seem that this issue had existed and was reported back then, and that Renault’ Engineering has still failed to fix, comment or show any signs of bothering to attend to their customers. In actuality, it would seem a lack on the part of their Engineers, as it would seem that they failed to isolate what this glitch is caused by and as much time has passed, this brings one to question the quality of their Engineering. In any case, this issue has a firm chance of biting down on sales as, I have told my friends to hold off any plans if the Duster is what they are looking for, and that unless Engineering is shaken up and they take quality a little more seriously…think again…
      As regards technical details on the issue, the problem is that one cannot attribute it to a faulty gear box because the issue only arises under the condition when the a/c is on (i.e. works fine when off), so when one slows to a stop such as at the signal, roundabouts and such it jerks to the halt. Current impression is some form of downshift issue when the A/C is on. Sigh… what is worst however, is that I am not the first customer to report it so, it seems that a horde of Clio customers had and now, Duster Customers have reported the same issue. I am not sure how you may be able to get this information straight from the horses mouth… don’t take my word for it, try asking 1 year Duster users or call the service centers, be tactful, tell them you have a Renault Duster and it is jerking when bringing it to a halt, see what they have to say.. unless they have read this post already and wised up thus, asking for registration and mobile number 🙂 ….
      We have blogs/car shows that create the first impression, the 1st look, a pretty picture, the initial feedback… although this feedback compliments an owners decision process it is however, not the only reason… the car owner looks for something worth the drive, worth the money, reliable, something of a testimony of money well spent, on engineering guaranteed. This feedback is not one of the initial lustre it is, as we go live, as we go though the life of owning the Renault Duster. Now, is part of the life where we see what and if Renault would bother enough to listen to its consumers… only time will tell… if I return it would indicate they have or that they resolved the issue, if I do not… the horizon is bleak….

      – Duster Owner
      Model: 2013 – Full Option

  21. After going through all such comments, i’m still confused..Not confident to go for it! kindly guide!

  22. I have viewed the Duster in the showroom and I am likely to purchase the top model soon. I thank you all for the advice given. The servicing and parts a concern but your comments have helped. Just waiting for Rammadam to begin for any extra offers.

  23. @ Duster Owner:

    Thanks for the info and update, I also experienced the same problem that you have before you update the firmware.

    It’s jerking during hot weather driving when come to a stop, and also when you put the gear on to a quick reverse from drive mode, the engine will rev without stepping on the gas pedal, I’m a little bit worried, I really hope it can be fixed thru firmware update, visiting the service centre in a couple of weeks, thanks again.

  24. Rana, scroll up, read the title.

  25. @Duster Owner:

    Thanks for the information same thing is happening with my Duster 2013 just bought last Feb 1023.When was the Firmware update done to your car? because I brought mine to the service maintenance in Deira branch last May and it is still jerking although they did’nt mentioned about Firmware Update.


  26. Better buy yaris than this cramed duster.Y ou get more from a yaris then

  27. @ Rana

    its a 2012 model.

    An update:

    Running smooth again after the firmware update, it looks like a totally different car, gear shifts now are precise 🙂

  28. I am planning to take duster full option advanced version. But still on searching your relevant opinions

    • Priya , me too confused little bit. But as an overall comment its good comparing to price and look ofcourse.now a dys somany other cars having hardplasric inside

      Am too planning to buy

  29. been thinking on taking the new nissan sunny full options but just having the same price with the renault duster 4×2 mid options. now, i am more inclined to get the duster but still having some doubts and as i am reading comment of ‘Duster Owner’ it seems there are flaws. hope someone out there can give more advice. thanks.

  30. Interesting comments one thing is true that whatever type of car models there is always a gap. Just trust Duster and buy they are in such field over 114 years. I think nothing to worry about it.

  31. exterior of Duster looks Good, but interior is very cheap in look and Quality. Indian Duster looks Gud but the Duster available in Dubai is from Romania…., if the Duster from india is available here it worth to the value…..

  32. today i just booked the top model duster. Is it the right decsion ?

    • gaurav can you give the price ranges of the duster… because the dealer here in jeddah is not answering my calls… If you have the PE and SE the better it is… Thanks…

  33. Guys,

    Just i need to know that, how is the handling of duster in highways..?

    Expecting valuable Advices

  34. i am really lucky for this cayr buying ,i dont want other car only renault duster is ok .its for me 200% i like this car .its my in heratly comments

  35. hi i want to know which is the vehicle with the best air conditioning sun high temperature and humidity

    • @juan
      best air conditioning is available in most toyota cars
      I had a toyota cressida before and it had a gr8 ac
      then I had a camry 2006 tht to had a gr8 ac
      n now I hav a prado 2014 vxl top of the line
      and it has the best ac
      p.s my prado is nt tinted n the ac cools down the car under 3 minutes even in this hot month.

  36. can u please let me know , the maintenance fro Renault duster , which one shall i go for duster or accent

  37. Is Renault Duster a 7seater or 5seater?

  38. This car in the picture is the lowest range of Duster.. The Renault Duster which is the Highest Range is the best among all it’s cheaper and fast…
    We are family of 4 and this car is best for us.If you compare a kia sportage or hyundai tucson they all are same but the duster is more powerfull among them and more cheaper. If you buy Renault Duster 4×2 The high range.. Then the price at it’s best..
    its for 59000..and My bank is Emirates Islamic bank which take only 2.3 percent of interest from me..

  39. The Renault Duster is worth for what it costs, Last 5 months i am driving my car and enjoying…
    Looking good for me compare to other same like this cars…
    Strongly i am recommending my friends to buy this car…

    Only i am feeling three defects in my car, It’s jerking during halt and slow speed in the signals. second i am feeling that the steering is little tight. Third when driving in the highways i am feeling noisy in side the car.

    But whatever this car is worth for what it costs…

    And i have two suggestions also, the windows control if in the door will be good, and there is no availability of 4X4 automatic in Dubai

    Reliability and maintenance cost will be questionable…

  40. Mr. Rajesh , please suggest me I am also thinking to buy it but still confuse about Air conditioning & fuel economy on city & highway?

    • hi

      am using duster

      I have some review
      mine 2014 basic model duster
      1)steering too bad : no adjustment and too hard to operate with one hand (I never use my two hand to turn)
      2)small tyre vibration after 120kmph
      3) some bad smell i don’t know were its coming (only for few minutes if parked for long time)
      4)no seat height adjustment
      5)no space for mobile and wallet (keep it in door side

      1)AC is too good even in 2PM i am forced to switched off
      2) millage 90DH full tank 520Km
      3)good visibility

  41. really looks good externally…with a small price…doesnt understand what does it mean the hard plastic cabin..is it mean by the internal of the car or the external body..and many of the users are telling about the jerkings while stops in signals and in slow speed as well…still people recomends..my concerns about the price the cherry tiggo 2.4 l is also similar price?
    intersting to see the reviews…regards..shan

  42. Good factors and bad factors in every vehicle, i suggest if you looking SUV and your budget maximum Dhs 58,900 buy duster 2014 2.0L SE 2WD(Fuel Economy 7.8/100)and if your budget Dhs 79,900 buy toyota Rav4 2015 2.5L EX 2WD. (Fuel Economy 9/100)

  43. If Renault co. want more sale for Duster SUV in world wide they should make “Automatic Transmission” for 4×4 (4 wheel drive.

  44. hi,am may b going for duster mid option.i am confused reading all the above comments about the jerk and noisy during halt and running!!?? some bdy pls help!

    y i opt mid option coz its worth and only diffrnc in ful option is additional 2 aibags in rear and leather seats and a diffrnce of aed.4000.Top quality leather seat is available under aed.1000 in dubai market.so better choosin mid option,the SE.Any suggetion from the duster owners,pls post it.

  45. Yaz: I have mid option. IF you are driving only inside city and not to emirates road or highway but it. Good car only to roam within city.

  46. thanks raj.any way i bought the car 3 weeks ago.
    i have a small problem wit ac now.when u park the car with engine running in the hot mid day sun,the ac sum times gives u a bad experince.the cooling suddenly stops.it happend to me twice.let me know if this happenin 2 any 1 out ther.now i ran almost 4k.i informed the dealer,they told bring it at any time.now thers no issue goin on.

    • hi I have one question about gear shift
      do you feel any thing like when you break the car slowly do you fell the gear shift

  47. I need Duster mid range unit, i wanted to take a loan for 2 or 3 years maximum only but if in case i resign due to retrenchment etc. can i return the car with out paying the remaining months.

  48. hi there, ya i do feel the gear shift when i slow down the car,,but some times i feel thats gud coz its helping me in breaking.
    thers another problem which is annoying me these days,,as soon as u open the doors,DUST falling inside.wat the hell????DO U GUYS HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM??PLS HELP ME OUT!!THANKS

  49. hi all commented people, still i also confused about this car SE . i have 3 car option Honda city, KIA rio and duster. now i cant understand which one is best..about price and service.pls give me advice me my use daily 120km.

  50. Hi , I too have faced the same jerking issue while slowing down. Mine is a 2014 base model and has run 18000 kilometers. I took it to the service Centre but they examined and told me that it’s something that cannot be fixed. It can be reduced after a firmware upgrade , but the jerking is going to continue. They knew they were helpless but I guess since they knew that they gave my car a free car wash and they even removed some of my scratches for free haha. Okay so about the car. I would day that despite these small imperfections , the car is pretty reliable. You won’t be having any major issues with it. I’ve seen dusters that have run for 200,000 kilometers without any problems. I’m a college student and I travel 60 kilometers a day. As long as the cars not on signals or caught up in Chocoblock traffic too much this jerking wouldn’t bother you to a great extend. And plus the jerking happens only sometimes. So I would say just ignore it since it’s not a major issue. Another issue is that the paint on this car is very weak. Small scratches will be shown up easily. so try not to go for dark colours. Silver color would be the best option.Other than the jerking , I would say it’s a great car. The suspension is too good. It’s a car that can handle abuse. Especially for students. It’s suitable for rough use and dosent drink too much of petrol and gives you lots and lots of space and costs cheaper than a yaris and you can of course take it over the footpath without any issue due to the high ground clearance. I would give it 8/10.

  51. Friends Please suggest me if it is good or not ??

    I am looking for a car with in 50,000 budget, am i am lover of SUV. Please give good/right advice Plzzzzzzzzzz…

    reply me on ‘[email protected]’.




  53. Before I was planning to buy it but finally I booked RAV4 2WD EX 2015.I will get it on January mid 2015

  54. Spending too much on car in this country is a very bad idea. Save money for your retirement plan.

  55. Hi ALl

    Please advise I wish to go for 2015 renault Duster and I am travelling to Saudi weekly twice for my business trips.

    Is this good for me to for long term use local city in bahrain and high way going to Saudi?

    Kindly clear my confusion?

    • Its a fair bit noisy at any speed beyond 120 kph on highways. But it definitely wont run into any issues in heavy usage.

    • Hi chanduchaganti,

      Duster is good for city drive only.
      For your purpose please take a car with cruize control, 6 airbags and minimum 70 litres petrol tank.

  56. Mr. Saqeer SV you are right….. I am agree with you

  57. Dear Sir/Madam, Date: 17/02/2015

    I am one of your Renault Valued Customer, holding Renault Duster No. Plate: 6810-JDJ, Purchased from Gulf Advantage Co, Riyadh – Khurais Road, May 2014. (Mubarak Shaik+).

    Since, I purchased I was faced lot of problems and still exist, which is recorded in Chamber of Commerce as well as in Renault Maintenance Record, after get support from France Sales Team, the respective department (Mr. Santos Raj Kumar-General Manager of Renault After Sale and Service Section) involved and give me attention for solution but as a customer I am not satisfied because of same problem which I mentioned in my car still exists, several days they keep my car for repair, after repaired same problem exists.

    So, I am seriously asking as a customer please involved my case and solve the problem by either change car or do the need full to get read out of this problems. Really I am very much upset.

    1) While stop in signal Warmer Heater Error and rise up automatically without doing anything.
    2) While stop in signal jerk in break.
    3) Air Leak While driving – Weather Strip problem.

    I want to bring something your knowledge, that i visited last 3 days your workshop, for having car problem which is since beginning and you have to check your record how many times the new car was visited for repair.

    For your kind attention that once i visited your workshop Mr. Zahran send your qualified engineer with me for testing the car along with me after they were suppose to issue the courtesy car, suddenly they changed their mind, i was there for more than 1 hour in your workshop, while leaving from there Mr. Nidal wants to check my car again whereas i was having appointment.

    Sir, you have to understand customer situation and trained your people to deal with the customer in right way with customer satisfaction not to waste time.

    Sir, Several time same issue is going on your workshop, only checking car with many technician finally no proper result.

    So, Please be noted that now almost 10 months, several visit for the same problems i am facing, you should know that if anybody buy new car means should not have problem, but in your company i noticed after sale is very worst condition dealing with customers.

    Moreover, as per your authorized employee said to me that he will arrange another car till your car fixed properly either fixing 100% or will have permanent solution, how come he do not know the company rules before telling such words to customer.

    Hence, my final request is that either arrange one car till you fix my car or let me get help from other source, i am informing you this because i always respect dealing in legal way, but your company is playing with customers which will have bad impression on sales as well as bad name in the market due to such slackness in After Sales Team.

    Thanking you,

  58. Please Duster has 3 major problem in all cars as agreed

    Riyadh After Sales Team

    Break Jurk

    Air Leak or Weather Strip Problem

    Heat Problem

    Riyadh After Sales is very very bad and worst – Mr.Santosh and his team

  59. Hi, I was planning to buy a Renault Duster, but after going through the reviews from you all, I some how feel I would go for an equally priced Mitsubishi Lancer Ex or stretch my budget a bit for a Ford Ecosport.

    But still, I am a little inclined to have a cheap car; would request if you can help me If the jerking and the A/C problem is continuing with the newer versions? How are the after sales guys in Dubai?

    Also I have to drive almost a 100 kms every day and hence the question; would Duster serve the purpose?


  60. I own a second hand 2013 duster done 53000 kms.For the money and consider ing all the aspects related to its basic features this car is a big feel confidence when u drive this vehicle.
    At 50 litres of petrol in city drive (not more than 60kms speed with many signals in between) I still get 550km,650-700kms with highway use!!! So I dont spend more than a 125aed. a month..wow…My postpaid plan from etisalat costs me 250aed.Yea Imagine that.Bare in mind this is a 2.0L and not a baby 1.2L hatchback which normally gets somewhere near this mileage at the same tank!!!Fuel price will reach 3aed.per litre once the oil prices touch USD80 in a years time. I won’t be surprised if people start getting rid of their nissan patrols land cruisers and range rovers for a duster. I think the Uae will soon move to be the Land of dusters 🙂

  61. Hey the last line was over optimistic,but trust me as long as you do your major services on time at the dealership,you will not face any majar jobs for the next 5 yrs.It will not burn your pocket.Regarding the Ac and jerking, this issues is very minute and almost not noticeable.It is already confirmed in reports that this issue doesn’t cause any related engine issues.The only reason is because the gears are the older 4speed auto verses the present day 5 speed auto.Heck if you own a hatchback,you will hear a yaris, micra,207peugeot, mazda 2, spark, picanto, cry the hell out and not to be driven fro city and highway mix use.Do u know on highways the hatches burn out the compressor?? So wouldn’t it be better to buy Duster at the price of a hatchback and drive it for as long as u want like any other 4wd!!! Affordability , comfort and reliability doesn’t get any better than this!! Btw I a middle class guy, I occasionally race my car on select roads with proper 4wds like a patrol…Yes my car will be behind them but they will always get to see my duster in their rear view mirror.That’s gret for a basic suv

  62. Hi guys I want to know about the Duster is good for long drive or not and about the AC is working perfectly more long.

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