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BMW and Toyota to collaborate on possible sports car

Toyota FT HS Concept
BMW Group and Toyota Motor Corporation are pursuing their “strategic long-term cooperation” in the field of “sustainable mobility” by recently signing agreements to collaborate for the joint development of a fuel cell system, architecture, lightweight technologies, and more interestingly, components for a new sports car.

The companies have agreed to set-up a feasibility study to define a joint-platform concept for a midsize sports vehicle that is to be completed by the end of 2013. This could be the partnership that could lead to a next-generation Toyota Supra, but possibly with a “green” twist.

The two car-manufacturing giants have also signed an agreement to begin collaborative research on lithium-air batteries, a post-lithium-battery solution.

This is not the first time BMW and Toyota have collaborated. In December 2011, they signed a partnership for developing next-generation environment-friendly vehicles and technologies, during which time the two companies also signed a contract under which BMW Group is to supply diesel engines to Toyota Motor Europe.

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