A New Era in Mobility: Adopting Advanced Technologies and Customer Centricity

The automotive industry is witnessing an unprecedented transformation, with advanced technologies seizing the reins and catapulting the sector into uncharted territories toward an eco-friendlier future driven by sustainable transportation solutions. Amid this whirlwind of change, a new era in mobility is unfolding, propelled by artificial intelligence and subscription-based services and anchored firmly on the bedrock of customer-centricity, promising to redefine the industry’s trajectory in the coming years.

Advanced Technologies Redefining Mobility

Advanced technologies have led to a paradigm shift in the automotive sector, and at the epicenter of this progress is AI, reimagining safety, turbocharging efficiency,

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OMODA&JAECOO’s November Global Exports announced, Prestigious Awards Bolster Brand Power

Recently, OMODA&JAECOO announced its latest sales figures. OMODA’s global exports reached 12,148 units in November. With its previously excellent market performance, OMODA’s cumulative sales for the year have reached 133,966 units. The JAECOO brand of the same parent company, launched in Eastern Europe in September, has cumulative sales this year of 11,689 units, and global export sales in November reached 2,230 units.

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Michelin EV Track Day & Pilot Sport 4-S

Michelin EV Track Day & Pilot Sport 4-S

Michelin’s EV Track Day, held on November 28 at the Dubai Autodrome, showcased the latest in electric vehicle (EV) technology and the exceptional performance of Michelin tyres. Visitors witnessed firsthand the impulse force, incredible acceleration, and superior grip delivered by a number of Michelin tyres on the track.

Participants had the unique opportunity to enjoy open track driving with Grade A instructors and test the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tyres that have been designed with an exceptional dry/wet grip for high-performance and outstanding steering control. The tyre is also equipped with acoustic technology for reduced noise and enhanced ride comfort.

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